Never Let Go.

Sarah was the typical beautiful blonde girl in school. With her long blonde hair, pretty face and hot body, she was every boy's dream girl and every girl's worst nightmare. Everyone thought she was perfect. But truth is, no one is, and she is far from being perfect. She just acts it out so she doesn't get hurt like she did when she was just a little girl.
What happens when she falls in love and her whole world starts revolving around him? Would she give up her perfect life just for love?


1. Everything Changed

"I shouldn't have worn this high heels today" Sarah thought as she tried to walk faster to her first class of the day which she was really late for. As usual, everyone looked at her with envy in their eyes. She was already used to it, but it has always been very annoying. She heard a freshman girl giggle behind her. Without even thinking about it, she turned around and looked at her with her most angry face. The girl quickly shut up. 

Sarah kept walking even faster and trying not to fall on the ground, cursing her mom under her breath for not taking her earlier to school. The classroom she was supposed to be in right now, was at least 5 meters from her. As she was about to heave a sigh, she felt her left toe sinking causing her to fall directly on the floor hitting her bottom hard.

-Stupid shoes!  -She almost yelled as she tried to stand up. Once she was on her feet, two seconds later she was on the ground again. "Oh please" she thought. She looked at her toe intently and she figured it was broken. "Great, no more high heels for a month, just great"

-Um...hello. May I help you?  -Someone behind her softly said. She turned her head around and almost fainted as she saw the most handsome boy standing there with his hand facing up. She felt like it was just him and her in the world. It felt amazing...and strange, for someone who's never felt this way. The guy raised his eyebrows when she didn't react. Sarah quickly came back down to earth.

-Oh um....I don't know. But I think I have a broken toe because of this stupid heels, so I might need more than a hand  -. Why was she being so kind? She's never been this kind. "Is this how love feels?" she questioned herself. "No no, I probably just hit myself too hard"

-Oh yeah. Sorry. Let me take you to the nursery  -. The boy said as he took her by the waist and raised her so she was standing on her feet. She put her arm around him for some support. It amazed her how strong he was.

-By the way... -the boy said  -I'm Marco. And you're Sarah, right? -. She looked at him as they started walking by the hallway. She asked herself how he knew her name. Then it hit her: She was the most popular girl in school, how could he not know her name?

-Yeah, the one and only  -. He smiled. She couldn't help but smile too. What was happening to her?

The nurse was done quicker than what Sarah thought. Marco and her kept talking even after that. Sarah couldn't stop thinking about him all night. She even wrote about him on her journal. He was the first boy to make it to her journal and she had just met him that same day. The next weeks they kept talking and talking non stop. They'd buy each other things, they'd go everywhere together and, also, they were falling in love. 

2 months later, Sarah was lying next to a tree on the park close to her house reading the most recent book she had bought, when she saw Marco coming to her with a bunch of balloons on his hand. 

-Hey  -. He said with that voice Sarah loved to hear everyday. He kissed her on the cheek and she slightly blushed. What has this boy done to her?

-Hey, what are you doing here?  -She asked looking at the pink balloons on his hand.

-I to ask you something  -. He said.

-Go ahead  -. Marco leaned a bit and whispered something to her ear which made her smile big and made her eyes start to get watery. Since that day, since he asked her the most important question she was always willing to hear, everything changed.


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