Player Gurl

You've always been a player girl, it's just in your nature! But when your Best Friend Popstar Justin Bieber returns from tour, you slowly start to change! Or do you?...


1. Attitude

You dragged yourself up from your seat in dull maths class and slung your bag over your shoulder. You strutted towards the door with swagger. Everybody turned and looked at you as if you had killed someone! "Where do you think you're going half way through an assignment?" Miss King's voice boomed at you. You turned round and raised your eyebrows at her, "Where do you think? I'm out! This class is such a drain I'm surprised I even came to be honest." The class started gasping and staring at you in shock so you couldn't help but snigger. "Sit back down we don't have time for games this is extremely important for your-" "Do I look like I care?" You interrupted. Miss King looked at you in surprise so you carried on speaking, "I'm a performer, I don't need maths. It's a waste of time. Imma go now if that's ok? And do something that actually matters." Your attitude was getting more fierce by the second. "Actually it's not ok!" Miss King's voice raised. You laughed, "Don't care. Never will." And with that you walked outta the class with confidence. You hated school, even though you were quite bright. You stormed down the corridoor, pulled (out of your bag) your phone and purse and threw your rucksack in a corner. You had always been cheeky to the teachers, always getting kicked outta school, mostly for your attitude. Your mom didn't care though, she understood cause she was the same at school. "Can't blame you! Blame the teachers." Was always her answer. You completely agreed! You whipped out your phone and dialled a number. "Hey Nolan! Meet me at the usual place, 10 minutes." You said and hung up. Nolan was your best friend, you had known him all your life! He was in another school, one you got kicked out of and you were surprised Nolan hadn't got kicked out too! You and him always skipped school to meet up in the nearby park. Nobody ever went there cause rumour's spread that somebody got killed there but you honestly didn't care. You grabbed your bike and rode up to the lake next to the park. Well, the 'Killer Park' as everybody called it. You sat next to the lake and saw Nolan arrive. "Nolan! What took you so long?" You asked. He hesitsted, "Headteacher." You laughed, "That cod? Oh My Gosh he was pathetic!" Nolan sniggered and sat next to you. "So any news?" You asked. Nolan jumped up, "Yeah! Justin's coming back from tour next week!" You opened your eyes and mouth in shock. "JUSTIN? Oh My Gosh I miss him so much!" You screamed and hugged Nolan tightly. You had lived opposite Justin Bieber's grandparent's house all your life and hadn't seen Justin in over a year! You and him used to be best friends, you used to sing and dance together, even act too. You literally saw eachother every day... Until he found fame of course. You and Nolan hung out for a few hours until it was 3:25 and school had finished so you went home. "Hey mom!" You called as you shoved your way through your front door. "Hey honey!" She called back. You suddenly remembered your school bag in the corner of your school corridoor. "Oops!" You whispered with a cheeky grin. You raced upstairs, not wanting your mom to notice! You turned on your TV and saw something about Justin?!?! "Pop brat Justin Bieber attempts to sneak pet monkey OG Mally onto plane in Germany." Said the fake ass news reporter. "Hahaha awhh Justin!" You laughed and turned off the TV. You jumped up into your bed and started jumping up and down. You felt so good, Justin was coming home, you had no school to worry about cause you weren't gonna show up tomorow: no worries!
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