The Ghost In The Kitchen

Hey Sadge its eleven ocklock time for bed!! Okay ! oh what is that sound? Oh my god,what is that? Is it a _ gggghost? Mom there is something in the kitchen, come look!! Mekenna go back to bed . No Way!!!!!!!! fine whats the matter? oh my god. that is a ghost? yes thats what i was trying to tell you,well sorry. umm okay we are going to go to my friends house tonight, then we are going to call the ghost hunters tommorow okay? okay. NEXT MORNING. Good morning Mekenna and Sadge. How was your night? Good exept for the fact our HOUSE IS HAUNTED!!!!!! Okay i woke up early this morning and i called the ghost hunter will be here in about one hour. So go get ready your clothes are on the bed. Hello are you Steven guyette and Caleb Guyette? Yes we are. So you have a ghost ?


1. When I saw the GHOST

MOM WAKE UP! I SEE SOMETHING IN THE KITCHEN!!! WHATS THE MATTER?  I think there is a ghost in the kitchen!!!!   What our house is"nt haunted,you are so silly!!!   No i"m not mom i seriouse!   umm okay well let me go into the kitchen and look,okay. Oh My Goodness!!! Hurry get out of the house now!! okay. Go to grandmas and knock on the door VERY LOUDLY!!!!  GRANDMA OPEN THE DOOR WE NEED HELP!!! Mom she wont Anwser the door. Well okay lets go to Corines house tonight. In the morning we will call the ghost hunters okay? okay...  GOOD MORNING!!!     HURRY WAKE UP! THE GHOST ARE GOING TO BE HERE IN A HOUR!!  Okay! okay!    Knock Knock!!!!  Come on in!!  Hello we are the ghost hunters of America. Okay well lets get started..   With us today we have a preacher with us to help do prayors around the room.  okay but who was the first one who noticed the ghost? My daughter Mekenna. Okay we need her to help us and describe the ghost. okay. Well he had black eyes,just a head figure,and had black hair thats all i know!       Okay lets get started.  Lets start with the prayor.   OUR FATHER WHO ARTENS HEAVE HOW WILL BE THY NAME BY KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN GIVES US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD AND FORGIVE US OUR TRUPASSES AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO trespass  aginst  US AND LEAD US NOT IN TEMTATION  BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL AND THY THE KINGDOM THE POWER AND THE GLORY FOREVER AMEN.           I think its gone.  OH MY GOD IT DID NOT TAKE VERY LONG FOR IT TO LEAVE!       Yep thats how good we are. Well thank you so much.            bye bye!!!!!!!

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