Outlawed And Inlove*A Student/Teacher Romance*

My heart thudded in my chest. Was this really it? Was he really going to do this? In an instant, his lips were on mine once again sending my head in a whirlwind and my heart into a frenzy.

"Everlynn Rose Parker.." He trailed, pressing his lips to my jawline.

"Yes, Ashton Noah Pierce?" I asked in the same flirtatious tone.

He paused, looking up into my Amber eyes.

"Will. You. Be. Mine?" He questioned, kissing me in between each word.

Everlynn Rose Parker is a shy girl with a dark secret.

When she thinks her secret is safe with everyone that knows it, a new character pops up into the picture. Her photography teacher, Mr. Pierce.

What happenes when he decides to join in on her little secret?

Will Everylnn despise him even more than she already does?

Or will a dark secret turn into love?


6. Outlawed and Inlove *Chapter Six*


"So how are you guys' projects going?" Mr. Pierces voice boomed out into the classroom. My head was down, and I was almost asleep.

"Ms. Parker, keep your head up please." Mr. Pierce said, giving me a playful look.

I lifted my head up for a brief second, giving him a scowl.

He chuckled lightly, only I could hear, though.

"We're having trouble on ours, can you come over here for a second?" One of the semi popular girls said.

She was actually pretty nice, but I guess she was still too classy to talk to me. Not that I cared.


I ducked my head back down, closing my eyes.

"Miss Parker, don't you think you get enough sleep already?" I heard someone whisper in my ear. I looked up seeing a smirking Ashton looking down at me.

I groaned just as the bell rang.

"Stay." He whispered.

I nodded my head, staying in my seat as everyone else left.

"Where are you going to go for lunch?" Ashton asked me, sitting on the desk that was infront of me.

"I guess to meet up with the group."

"But I thought you said that we only met incase something happened?" He questioned. I laughed.

"Yeah, but they are usually at the building everyday around the same time."

"Oh, okay. I'm coming with you."

I nodded, grabbing my things and walking out the door with Mr. Pierce.

I didn't worry about anyone seeing us, like I said, the principal knew what i was in. He kind of had too if I wanted to go to school here.

But its okay, I trusted him with it.

We made it to the building, meeting up with Ava, Thomas, James and Cody.

"Hey guys." I greeted, slumping down into one of the bean bag chairs.

"We have some news.... You know the people thats after us? Well yeah..They are in our area. So we will have to be going away for a while."

My eyes widened in shock, How did they find us?

I could have swore we did our best at hiding.

I guess not.

I took one look at Mr. Pierce, the memories suddenly coming back to me.

About two years ago, I had been in an accident involving some things... things I can't say at this moment.

The accident caused me to forget everything that had happened within the last two years and for about a month, I couldn't remeber anything.

When I finally rememberd, I was shocked to know that I had done the things that I had, but there were always black spots, things that were blurred.

But now, I knew who was in the black spots.

I gasped, looking over at Ashton.

The mystery of my missing puzzle piece was staring right back at me with the same puzzled expression I had.

"I remember now.. Ashton.. We used to know eachother." I spoke in shock.

He nodded.

"Why do you think I act all comfortable around you?"

I shrugged.

That explains why hes with us now.

We had been seperated when the thing went down.

"I've missed you so much." I said, pulling him into a tight hug.

"You too Ever-Bear." He used my old nickname.

I smiled, how could I forget him?

Whatever we had was most definitely more than the average student/teacher relationship.

Not quite romance, but something more than a peer relationship.

"Okay you guys. Enough with the "Oh I missed you!" reuinion. This is serious crap." Thomas interupted.

I nodded.

"Where would we be going?" I asked.


Florida was exactly five hours away from.Arkansas. ( I don't know if it actually is, I'm just saying that for the storys sake.)

"When do we leave?" Ahston piped in.

"Next Week.."

A look of disapointment crossed over my face.

I would tell my mom that Im staying with Ava.

It usually works.

I hated lying to my mom, I really did.

But it was best that she didn't know.

For her sake atleast.

Ashton and I left the building making our way back to the school.

"This is all coming down like a ton of bricks." I stated as we pulled up into the parkinglot.

"I know. At first, I didnt think you would ever remember."

"Me neither, I always knew that there was something was missing." I smiled, getting out from his car.


I walked into the school building with my head held high, like nothing major was going to go down.





What could be Everlynn's secret?


What is so bad that she cant tell anyone except her group for?

You guys will find out soon enough! :P

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