Outlawed And Inlove*A Student/Teacher Romance*

My heart thudded in my chest. Was this really it? Was he really going to do this? In an instant, his lips were on mine once again sending my head in a whirlwind and my heart into a frenzy.

"Everlynn Rose Parker.." He trailed, pressing his lips to my jawline.

"Yes, Ashton Noah Pierce?" I asked in the same flirtatious tone.

He paused, looking up into my Amber eyes.

"Will. You. Be. Mine?" He questioned, kissing me in between each word.

Everlynn Rose Parker is a shy girl with a dark secret.

When she thinks her secret is safe with everyone that knows it, a new character pops up into the picture. Her photography teacher, Mr. Pierce.

What happenes when he decides to join in on her little secret?

Will Everylnn despise him even more than she already does?

Or will a dark secret turn into love?


1. Outlawed and Inlove *Chapter One*





I kept my head down as everyone else babbled on about how simply amazing their summers were.

Rolling my eyes, I bit down on my fingernails, a nervous habit I had to get rid of.

A new voice brought me from my thoughts, I looked up searching the room.

"Goodmorning class, I will be fiiling in for Mrs. Fuller temporarily, seeing as she has took a break. By the way, I'm Mr. Pierce." A guy said, I couldnt see him fully as his back was turned against the class, but from what I could tell, his stance looked pretty young, maybe twenty four or twenty five.

I duked my head backdown, not wanting to make any eye contact with this guy, nor with anyone else.

If you haven't guessed already, I'm pretty much a loner.

People dont dare to talk to me because apparently "I'm just the loser that never talks." But in reality, I prefer not to talk to all of these stuck up people.

Yeah I know, harsh. But its true.

"Everlynn Rose Parker?" My head whipped up, coming face to face with the man I didn't want to look at.

"Yes?" I said aloud, looking into his mysterious Baby Blue eyes.

"Just making sure you were here." He chuckled, staring at me immensley.

I nodded my head, looking down at my desk once again.

I could still feel his eyes burning into me. I dared to look up, seeing he was still staring straight at me.

"What?" I mouthed. He quicjly looked away. I shurgged my shoulders, tuning out what he was saying next.

But something caught my attention.

"Mr. Pierce, Why would you even bother talking to her?" Someone piped up. I quickly tore my eyes to the person that said it.

"Well, I kind of have to she is my student after all. Why be so rude?" He said with a slight edge to his voice.

"Because no one likes her." She retorted.

I chose to ignore it. And quite frankly, I couldn't care what she thought.

"Enough!" Mr. Pierce said, giving her a stern look so she would shut up.

"Now I will not tolerate you talking about people in my class!" He said. Dang he was fierce.

I laughed, something I wouldnt have dared to do if it were in any other class. I had a feeling this guy could just be the turning point in my life.

He just smiled at me. And oh my, I know he was my teacher but boy was he handsome.

I pushed the thought from my mind, there is no way that I'm crushing on my teacher this year.

"Ms. Parker may I see you after class?" I heard from above me.

I looked up into the eyes of Mr.Pierce, they were awaiting an answer.

I pulled my fingers through my light blonde hair, finally answering.

"Yes Sir." I said, staying in my seat as the bell rang.

Everyone piled out of the room, i just looked absent mindlindly around the classroom.

"Hey, Everlynn, would you look at me please?" I heard a soft voice almost whipser. I looked up into the soft eyes of Mr. Pierce,

'Yes?" I questioned, I think this is the most i've ever talked at school.

"I just wanted to tell you you shouldnt let those people get to you, and that I will alway be here if you need to talk. A friend I guess you could call it. A beautful girl like you shouldn't be picked on like you are, so yeah, just come and talk to me" He smiled at me, I smiled back, this is honestly the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

I felt a blush rise up n to my cheeks, beautiful? Nope, I doubt that.

"You shouldn't doubt, because you are Everlynn."

"Did I say that outloud?" I asked, feeling bubbly and confident all of the sudden.

"Yup" He chuckled, popping the P.

"Well sir, Thanks for the chat, but I have to go. Maybe we can talk later?" I asked, hopeful. Usually I was not like this.

"Yes, most definately." He smiled. I got up from my seat going out from the room.

I made my way to my car, going home.

Finally, the first day of my Senior year is over with.

I drove home fastly, not wanting to waste another minute away from home.

"Hey mom! I'm home!" I screamed, no answer. Eh, she must still be at work. I hung my coat up on the mantel, making my way to my room.

My phone buzzed in my back pocket, I quickly grabbed it out.

"I'm coming over, no ands if or buuts. xoxo- Ava"

I laughed aloud, my bestfriend was crazy.

"Sure come on I've got to tell you about my day!"


I changed from my uniform, pulling on some comfortable jeans and a oversized t-shirt.

Rapid knocking came from the door, I opened it quickly, seeing Ava with a big grin plasterd on her face.

"Soo how'd it go? Did anyone talk to you?" She asked, she knew no-one talked to me. Ava was homeschooled.

"Nope, but one person." I smiled, I had a feeling Mr. Pierce could make a really big difference in my life.

"Who?" She asked excitedly.

"Mr. Pierce." I answered.

"Oooh, what all did he say?" She asked, and I told her.

'He said that how he thinks its wrong that kids were picking on me and that a beautiful girl like me shouldn't be picked on like that, that he would be there for me as a friend." I smiled.

"Ooooh, I smell something forbidden coming around the corner!" She bounced around.

I just laughed, thinking the idea was absolutely absurd.

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