Outlawed And Inlove*A Student/Teacher Romance*

My heart thudded in my chest. Was this really it? Was he really going to do this? In an instant, his lips were on mine once again sending my head in a whirlwind and my heart into a frenzy.

"Everlynn Rose Parker.." He trailed, pressing his lips to my jawline.

"Yes, Ashton Noah Pierce?" I asked in the same flirtatious tone.

He paused, looking up into my Amber eyes.

"Will. You. Be. Mine?" He questioned, kissing me in between each word.

Everlynn Rose Parker is a shy girl with a dark secret.

When she thinks her secret is safe with everyone that knows it, a new character pops up into the picture. Her photography teacher, Mr. Pierce.

What happenes when he decides to join in on her little secret?

Will Everylnn despise him even more than she already does?

Or will a dark secret turn into love?


9. Outlawed and Inlove *Chapter Nine*


"Why do you look so disgusted, Chris?" I said, laughing at his expression.

"I don't want to come get a drink in the kitchen and see my bestfriend and his student macking on eachother."

My face immediately became heated.

"Aw, look! Ash, you make her blush!" Chris ranted; I reached my hand out smacking him in the back of his head.

"Ow! What was that for?" He asked, rubbing his head.

I just laughed, making my way into Ashton's living room, sitting down on the couch. I was feeling pretty tired, so I laid back, closing my eyes.


"Ever! Get up! We have to get going!" I groggily opened my eyes, seeing it was Five Thirty On The clock. I rolled over on the bed... Wait? Bed?

I looked over to see Ashton shirtless lying beside me.

I let out a quiet gasp, getting up from his bed.

"You can go take a shower." He said, pointing to a door.

I nodded, making my way into the bathroom.

I got a towel from the cabinet, letting the water heat up.

I jumped in, excited for the day ahead of me.

I got out, wrapping the towel around me. I grabbed my clothes from the counter, pulling them on. Leaving my hair and everything natural, I went out from the steamy bathroom to smell something delicious cooking.


I made my way to the kitchen seeing Chris at the stove.

"what're you cooking for?" I asked, wasn't Ashton around?

"Uh, the lovebird couple, obviously." He said, turning around to face me.

I snorted.

"We're not the lovebird couple, we're not even dating." I retorted, sitting down at his table.

"Sure, you're not dating...Yet." I couldn't help but smile at the idea, wouldn't it be nice to date Mr. Pierce? I think so.

"What are you guys talking about? And Chris! How many times do I have to tell you to not cook my food?" Ashton scolded, pulling his shirt on.

"It doesn't matter how many times you tell me not to, you know I'm going to do it anyways."

I laughed, these two were amusing.

I ate breakfast and it was now Seven Thirty.

"Come on, Ever, lets go!" Ashton called; well it wasn't my fault I had to pee.

"I'm coming." I said grabbing my suitcase and walking out to his BMW.

I slid in the passenger seat, watching as he put some of his stuff in the back seat. I threw my suitcase back there, propping my feet up on the dashboard.

I plugged in my headphones getting lost in the world of music.

I must've fell asleep because I was being shook.

"Ever! Get up were here." I heard Ashton say and immediately I jumped up hitting my head on the roof.

I peered out the car window seeing James, Thomas, Ava, and Cody standing there with wide eyes.

I got out, giving them all hugs.

"Hey guys!" I chirped, getting my stuff from Ashton's car.

"I forgot to tell you.... You are Ashton have your own room." Ava said, winking at me.

She done that on purpose!

Ashton looked over at me with a smirk on his face.

"Well you guys go get ready, we have some things to tell you." They all chorused as Ashton and I made our way up to our room.

I threw my suitcase on the bed, finding my bikini and going into the bathroom to change into it. I might as well have some fun while I'm here.

I made my way back, sitting on the bed waiting for Ashton.

When he finally came out, we went down to the beach meeting up with the crew.

"So what's the news?" I asked, anxious to know.

Maybe I should tell you guys now.. but I think I will only tell you part of it.

Well, you see, I used to be in a gang, yeah, a gang. With Ashton, James, Cody, Ava, Thomas and a few other people. We'd get into trouble, do drugs and fight every chance we got. I've changed, well we all have except for five of us.

The five that are after us.

That's why we're at the beach, trying to hide from them.

I knew they weren't that strong, but they sure did have a lot of power over things.

"They know where we live, They know how to get to us. Ever, they're after our parents."

Ava sobbed, I felt my own eyes water. When I first got involved I was like "Heck yeah! I'm such a bad kid!" But then again, I was only fourteen at the time.

I felt a tear fall down my face, Ashton was instantly over at myside, comforting me.

"Shh, it's okay, They won't go to your parents, they know better than that."

That's when I realized Ashton was probably right. Well that's whatwere here at the beach for to have fun.

"Ava, lets not worry about it, come on!" I said giving her a hug and dragging her over to the shore.

We sat down, letting the waves come on us. I giggled, it was calming.

"You know, this is exactly what we needed." I said, laying down.

"I know." She responded, doing the same.

"I can't believe we got all in that mess when we were only fourteen." I said, drawing a heart in the wet sand,

"I know, me too. We were so stupid and naïve."

"Yeah, but at least we've grown out of it now, no going back. We will have them hunted down in no time with the skills we have." I laughed, fist pounding with her.

"True." She agreed, going into the water. While I was afraid to actually go out into the ocean.

Another good thing about being here, I don't have to hide with Ashton, anyone can see us out in public.

Not that we're dating or anything, but we do flirt a lot.

Speaking of Ashton, He just plopped down right beside me.

I smiled over at him, admiring his tan body. He had an eight pack, which was almost drool worthy. Well, it was droll worthy.

'Ever-Bear, stop drooling." I heard him laugh as I wiped away at my mouth, nothing was there.

"Hey!" I scolded.

"Hay is for horses." He laughed and I sapped him on his chest. It was just like hitting a dang rock.

"Ouch, that hurt."

"Oh, stop pouting Ashton!"

"Never." He said, running off like a little child.

"Come back here!" I called after him. I was pretty fast, but so was Ashton.

Being in a gang had its advantages sometimes.

I caught up with him quickly, pushing him to the ground.

"Getting feisty now aren't we?" He winked and I blused as usual, but this time, he actually noticed it.

"Aww, you're blushing." He said as I sat down on his stomach.

"Oof." He made a weird noise as I bounced up and down.

"Everlynn, stop doing that." He said seriously, but why?

I didn't want to know the answer so I quickly stopped bouncing but stayed sitting on his stomach.

"You're warm." ." I laughed, crossing my arms on my chest. That's when I remembered I just had my bathing suit on and my boobs were probably all in his face. My face immediately got beet red, and I got up from his chest.

"Why'd you get up? Your butt was warm." He pouted and I couldn't help but laugh at his cute expression.

"You know, Ash-Bear, I'm glad we can go anywhere around here and not have to worry about people seeing us."

"You know we're not together, Ever-Bear. But yeah it is nice."

I felt like I just got shot down, and I began to walk off.

"Wait, Ever! I didn't mean that we wouldn't ever you know, date, I just meant that we weren't not now." He said, catching up with my wrapping an arm around my waist. The tingles returned, slightly stronger than before.

"Ashton, do you feel that too?" I asked quietly, hoping her could still hear me.

"Feel what? The tingles whenever we touch? Yeah, I've felt those ever since we first touched." He said, and I looked up at him in awe.

So he did feel them too! How sweet!

The only thing I could do was smile, and apparently, that was all he could do too.

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