Outlawed And Inlove*A Student/Teacher Romance*

My heart thudded in my chest. Was this really it? Was he really going to do this? In an instant, his lips were on mine once again sending my head in a whirlwind and my heart into a frenzy.

"Everlynn Rose Parker.." He trailed, pressing his lips to my jawline.

"Yes, Ashton Noah Pierce?" I asked in the same flirtatious tone.

He paused, looking up into my Amber eyes.

"Will. You. Be. Mine?" He questioned, kissing me in between each word.

Everlynn Rose Parker is a shy girl with a dark secret.

When she thinks her secret is safe with everyone that knows it, a new character pops up into the picture. Her photography teacher, Mr. Pierce.

What happenes when he decides to join in on her little secret?

Will Everylnn despise him even more than she already does?

Or will a dark secret turn into love?


4. Outlawed and Inlove *Chapter Four*




"Go over there and pout like your sad or something." Mr. Pierce ordered. I am currently over at his house which was consequently a few houses down from mine.

I did as he told me to do as he snapped the picture.

"So when are we going to have another meeting?" He asked, he was actually getting annoying with all of these questions.

"Ive done told you, Mr. Pierce, that whenever we hear of anything else thats when we meet up." I said, I swear ive told him this a million times today.

"I know, its just fun to mess with you." He laughed, placing the camera down on the picnic table he had in his back yard.

His phone began to ring. He answered it with an annoyed expression on his face.

"No, you cant come over right now!" Hw said, I wonder who it was... Did he have a girlfriend?

"No, Chris! Stay at home!"

"Ugh fine..."

Mr. Pierce slid his phone in his pocket, giving me an apologetic look.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Chris, my concieted best friend." He answered, Just as someone came up into his driveway.

"Aye! Ashton, Whos this sexy lady?" He sais, winking at me.

"Chris behave! Shes one of my students..."

Chris cut him off before he had the chance to finish.

"Your student! Ashton! Dont you know you could get in a lot of trouble for that?"

Mr. Pierce rolled his eyes, and spoke.

"Nothings going on here, No one would be her partner for the photography project I assigned and she needed a partner."

He explained, putting his hands up in surrender.

I laughed, causing them both to look over at me.

Suddenly Chirs was infront of my face, sticking his hand out.

"Im Chris." He said.

"Everylnn." I responded, sitting down on the grass.

"Seriously, if she wasnt underage and your student, I would totally hit that." I heard Chris whisper to Ashton.

Seruously, was this guy a pedophile or something?

I stood up, balling my hand up into a fist. and punched him in his arm.

"Ouch lady! What was that for?" Chris asked, rubbing his arm.

"For what you just said to Mr. Pierce!" I scolded, sitting happily back down on the grass.

"I was only kidding Everlynn. You arent but 17." He answered, How did he know that?

"Because, you look it." He said.

"Well, How old are you guys anyways?" I asked, I was curious as to why Mr. Pierce looked so young.

"Twenty." Chris replied.

"Twenty Two." Mr. Pierce said.

"Why are you so young?" I asked, directing it towards Mr. Pierce.

"I was Eighteen when I graduated and I went through four years of college. Do the math Ms. Parker." He laughed, sending me an amused look.

I scowled, laying back.

"Errr Everlynn, you really shouldnt lay like that." Chris commented.

I rolled my eyes once again.

"I have shorts on under this. Dummy!" I laughed, lifting my dress up a bit so he could see.


I laughed, as he went inside Mr. Pierce's house.

"I think you should be getting home, its getting late." Mr. Pierce.

I scowled, I didnt want to go home just yet.

I nodded anyways, following him.

I walked considering it wasnt but a few houses over.

We reached my door and my moms car was parked outside.

I smiled, I loved it when my mom was home!

I was about to open the door when my mom opened it before I had the chance too.

"Everlynn! Who's this?" She asked, eyeing Mr. Pierce.

"Im Ashton." Mr. Pierce said, sticking out his hand.

My mom swatted it away and pulled him into a hug.

"Ever, you didnt tell me you had a boyfriend!"

I felt a blush rise onto my cheeks as Ashton cleared his throat.

"Sorry to disappoint you ma'am, but im her teacher." He said awkwardly, giving me a smirk.

"Oh. Care to come in?" She asked, literally dragging us in the door.

"Uh, sure." Mr. Pierce said, coming inside.

I gave my mom a look and she just smiled at me.



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