Love you Forever

Alex, a 20 year old girl heard a sound in her yard, she finds out that one direction has been stranded in California until their tour bus is fixed. They had fun together with her cousin, Eleni. Everything was well until a sad tradgedy. Read to see what happens.


1. The crash

I woke up to the sound of a crash and a man yelling " OH FOR GOD SAKE NIALL! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I ran out to see what was going on. I came out. They seemed scared. As for me, I was so hap....... ~Eleni's POV~  I ran outside and saw one direction, and alex on the floor. She is so obsessed with 1D! I don't see why? I ran to see what happened. She fainted. Obcourse.i Ran inside and got freezing cold water. When I came back out the boys were slapping her face yelling "Wake up!" I flung water at tem so they would move. When I splashed water on her face she woke up. ~Alex's POV~ "IT'S NOT MY PENGUIN!" I screamed, all i could remember was seeing one direction in my back yard. They looked relieved. "Hi, what happened here?" I asked nervously.

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