Love you Forever

Alex, a 20 year old girl heard a sound in her yard, she finds out that one direction has been stranded in California until their tour bus is fixed. They had fun together with her cousin, Eleni. Everything was well until a sad tradgedy. Read to see what happens.


2. Apoligize

~Louis's POV~ The most beautiful girl i layed eyes on was staring at me, but i was with Eleanor, "No im not in love with her!" i said in my head. ~Harry's POV~ Im so sorry, Niall was drunk and we didn't know and we let him drive, how much will the damage cost?" i said while i wrote out a check. "nothing, its fine, i can get get it fixed." "you guys have a place to stay?" she said "No" "we don't." ~Alex's POV~ "Well, you can stay at my place until your bus is fixed." i said nervously. "Um.... sure,but i warn you were a bit of a handful." harry said laughing. So we got their bags and went inside. We all went upstairs and got our pajamas on. I had dirty blonde hair with green eyes and i was 6'2. I put my hair in a messy bun and put a pair of shorts and a sponge bob t-shirt.


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