The stalker next door

Emily was just an average teenager, who wants to focus on school work, get good grades and get on with her life but will her stalker let her... *one direction not famous*


12. Let the games begin...

*Emily's P.O.V*
I'm guessing Niall has spread the word around cause when I went to school after that day, which was probably the most romantic night of my life, everyone would whistle or make noises when ever I was around Niall.
It's Thursday right now and still no one will drop it.
At first I thought it was cute, cause every now and then Niall would blush which made me blush and so on...
Harry still hasn't come to school for the forth day in a row now, and trust me, that boy needs his education, charms wont get him through life.
I had a ride from my babe to school today. ahhh! I don't know, just calling Niall my babe made me tingle inside, I just sound awkward now, don't I?
*Niall's P.O.V*
You have no idea how happy I am.
1) I just got my girl
2) I just got my girl
I feel like, I dunno, the luckiest man on earth, I just can't even explain it!
I admit, I did kind of spread the word around school, I was excited, plus who wouldn't brag about being with her, she's gorgeous, and in my eyes, flawless.
It was nice having everyone call out our names and make goofy faces at us when we were walking, I saw Emily blush here and there, hopefully she didn't see me blush cause that would be embarrassing. Towards the end of the day I started to get fed up with it, I noticed Emily getting fed up with it too, I mean we were fine when our group of friends would do stuff like that cause well, they're our friends
The only thing I didn't get was Zayn or Liam's reaction to when I told them, they acted excited but when they turned they're facial expressions completely changed, am I getting to over worked about this?
*Liam's P.O.V*
When Niall told me that they were together I tried to support him as a friend, I mean, it would be rude not to.
I was just surprised. I never expected that too happen, who new...
Okay, so I may have more then a tiny crush on her, so what? 
*Zayn's P.O.V*
What? Since when did Niall and Emily hook up, all I could say was wow, I  tried to pull off a smile, but honestly I don't think a blind person could've fell for it, no offense.
I mean was she really his, NO she was mine, I knew it, I could feel it, somehow she fell into the wrong arms.
If she wants to be with Niall then I shouldn't stick around for her, I'm going to get myself a girl, and that's what I did
There is this nice looking girl in math named Cecily, she was decent looking, quiet, you know, nice
*FlashBack* (Tuesday)
"Hey" I said sitting down in the desk next to her,
"Umm Hey" she said shyly
"I was wondering if you'd like to go out tonight for a movie?" I said
"Urrm yeah sure"
*End of FlashBack* 
we exchanged numbers and met up for our date at the movie theater, it went well, you could tell we weren't the lovey dovey type.
I asked her to be my girlfriend at the end of the movie and she said yes, so I guess everything is settled now.
*Eleanor's P.O.V*
Louis and I were telling Emily and Niall what to name there kids! haha
Once I heard what Niall did for Emily that night I couldn't help but let out an awwww, he is too sweet, but not as sweet as my Lou :p
*Emily's P.O.V*
Currently I'm in the car with my babe, ahhh that word!
"Hey can I come over your place, I've never been there before"
"Sure, what are we going to do though?"
"I was thinking watch a movie or I don't practice our Romeo and Juliet play, specifically one part over and over" he winked, I punched him playfully on his arm,
"I was actually thinking... we could go swimming?" I suggested, a smile grew on his face,
"We'll the we have to preform the play tomor- wait, you have a pool! I fricking love you!" 
*Niall's P.O.V*
I had just parked in front of her house, damn... it's huge, she must be rich or something...
When we walked in I saw Harry in the living room watching soccer,
"Harry you need to be in school and not barging into my house, okay?" Emily said and he turned around and looked at me then to her,
"Yeah, yeah, okay, I will tomorrow, not that I need to" he said
"You do need to, and I need to start locking my door" she said and they both laughed,
"So why is Nialler here?" he said taking a sip of some of his soda,
"You didn't tell him?" I asked her a little offended,
"Well he hasn't broken into my house in the past 2 days so no, sorry" she said grabbing my hand and swinging it back and forth
*Harry's P.O.V*
I saw her grab Niall's hand and they smiled at each other,
"What do you have to tell me?" I said kind of scared that I might already know the answer, I stood up and properly faced them.
"Well, me and Em are a couple now" Niall said, I swear I was going to shout something but I had to control my anger, I just quietly walked out the door and into my house.
When did they become a couple?
When was he allowed to hold his my girl's hand?
What happened to us on Monday, that kiss she gave me, did that mean anything to her?
*Emily's P.O.V*
Why did he just storm off like that? Niall just shrugged at me. 
I changed into my bathing suit, grabbed 2 towels and walked to the pool with Niall,
"I completely forgot, Niall what are you gonna swim in?" I said smacking my head,
"I guess I'll just swim in my shorts?" he said talking off his shirt, I couldn't help but stare.
"You look great in that bathing suit" he said smirking at me, I blushed,
"And you look great with out a shirt on" I said pushing him into the pool then laughing.
He held out his hand and I shook my head,
"no, no, I'll help myself" I said jumping into the pool. When I came back up from the water I didn't see Niall, I turned around and Niall shot up from the water saying, "boo!",
"Holy shit!" I said putting my hand on my heart.
"Awww did I scare you" he said splashing me,
"yes, I could've had a heart attack" I said while fake-sobbing,
"Awww come here scardy cat" Niall said coming towards me, hugging me. I gave it a good 3 seconds then started splashing him like crazy,
"Not fair!" he whined covering his face.
We stayed in the pool for about one more hour then got out.
*Harry's P.O.V*
Watching them together in a pool made me want to barf, Niall's my friend and all, but I honestly think I would be better off with her.
How did this whole 'Nilly' thing even happen? 
*Niall's P.O.V*
When we got out and dried ourselves, she invited me in,
"urrm I'm kind of still wet, and I don't want to get your house wet" I said laughing,
"I'll just put a towel on the floor for you to sit on, you up for some fifa?" she said smiling, how did I end up with someone as perfect as her?
"Is that a challenge" I said getting closer to her face,
"I don't know lets find out" she said grabbing my hand and leading me upstairs. Her gaming room was literally, I can't even. ha ha look at me 'fanboying' over here.
We played with Louis and Liam for a couple hours then I kissed her goodbye and headed off, wow what a perfect day, well apart from Harry barging in her house -_-
*Emily's P.O.V*
I woke up to the song 'I Love It' I sang along to it,
"I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone.
I crashed my car into the bridge.
I watched, I let it burn.
I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.
I crashed my car into the bridge.
I don't care, I love it.
I don't care."
Ahhhh, I love that song. I opened up the curtains, let there be light! 
I took a shower, brushed my teeth, did all that morning stuff that I don't think needs to be explained, did my hair, put on an outfit, and drove to school.
Only this time Zayn's arm was around some girl, she's in my math class, she is actually really nice.
I got out of the car and joined them,
"Hey Cecily" I said,
"Hey Em" she smiled, I looked at Zayn and he looked in shock, this boy has all classes with me, does he honestly think I don't know her?
"Where's Niall?" Zayn teased,
"I don't know I haven't seen him" I said looking around.
I checked my phone and there was a voice mail from Niall,
"Hey love, before you say anything I'm so so so sorry I'm sick, I can't do the play with you today, I don't want you to get a 0 like me so whoever you can pair up with do it, it really wont bother me, have a nice day hopefully I'll see you Monday bye love"
He really did sound sick, poor Niall, who am I going to do the play with though?
"And Emily where is your partner" Ms.B said, we were in the auditorium,
"Well he's sick" I said getting quieter,
"Does anyone here not have a partner?"
Harry raised his hand.... uh oh
"Mr.Styles, do you know how to perform this play?" 
"Yes Ms.B, I did this play in high school"
"Carry on" she said motioning towards the stage, Harry walked passed me and smiled.
"Go, get thee hence, for I will not away." I said
"What's here? a cup, closed in my true love's hand? Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end: O churl! drunk all, and left no friendly drop To help me after? I will kiss thy lips; Haply some poison yet doth hang on them, To make die with a restorative." I said, time for the kiss, I saw him smile before both our lips touched.
*Harry's P.O.V*
I felt something, I always do, when will she just see that I'm here for her, not Niall,


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