The stalker next door

Emily was just an average teenager, who wants to focus on school work, get good grades and get on with her life but will her stalker let her... *one direction not famous*


7. First day, part 2

*Zayn's P.O.V*
I still remember Emily singing 'Skyscraper' in English,
Damn this girl had a voice, I almost fell in love with it,
okay, so I guess I have a little crush on her, I'm not gonna say I don't there's just something different about her,
I was knocked out of my thoughts when I heard someone knock on the door,
it was Emily, 
"Hey Em!" I said giving her a hug, she smelled good, excuse my pervertyness,
"Hey Zayn! when am I going to hear that beautiful voice of yours" she laughed,
"Right now" I said taking out my guitar, I was going to sing 'Let Me Love You' to her, and when I say to her, I really mean I'm singing it to her,
I began to sing,
               "Baby I just don't get it, Do you enjoy being hurt...." Etc.
I heard her hum to it, 
"Sing it with me" 
she shook her head shyly, 
"C'mon, no one else is her, please" I begged like a puppy.
*Emily's P.O.V*
"Fine" I gave up we started to sing together,
I kinda felt like he was singing it to me, I blushed at the thought of it,
we were singing the chorus now and we looked at each other and we both stopped singing,
our faces came closer together, I could feel his hot breath on me, he looked down at my lips then kissed me, our lips touched, his lips were soft and gentle, I didn't want to kiss back, I needed to focus on school, but something was telling me to and I did.
The kiss was amazing, I can't even explain it, I did like Zayn but he probably didn't like me back, it was probably just the spur of the moment kind of kiss,
"You're a really good kisser" he joked 
"actually this was my first kiss" I said embarrassed,
"Even better" He smiled grabbing my hands, "Wanna watch some TV?"
I nodded and we were cuddling on the couch for the rest of the afternoon,
It was raining outside when I left to go home,
When I parked I saw Harry sitting on my steps soaked, 
I quickly ran out of my car and took off my jacket and put it on him, he was freezing,
"Oh my god Harry your freezing, come inside"

"I-I'm supposed t-to be giving y-you my jacket" he smiled,
I opened the door and we walked inside,
"Why were you out there?"
"Well I wanted t-to hang out with you today, but you weren't home, so I waited"
I'm sorry but that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard,
"Awww! Harry you should've went home when it was raining I'm not worth getting sick" I laughed
"Yes you are" he said smiling, his curls were soaking wet.
I gave him a towel, started a fire and turned on the TV,
"You know I should be the one taking care you"
*Harry's P.O.V*
I should be the one taking care of her,
"Oh hush up Harry, it can be the other way around" she laughed,
"Call me Hazza or Hazz"
"I'll call you Hazz, I like that" she smiled
"Where were  you anyway"
"Why do you care?" she asked.
"I don't I just wanted to know where you were"
"Oh, I was at Zayn's house"
I tensed up a bit, why was she with Zayn and not me?
"D-do you like him?"
"ehh, I guess a little" I needed to get her to stop, but how?....
"Let me guess he kissed you?" I needed to sound like I knew something,
"Well, yeah, I guess, how'd you know?"
now I'm really tense, why was he kissing my girl anyway?
"Well he does that to all the girls he brings home" I said acting like he did,
Zayn's my friend but I needed to get her away from him, they kissed????
"What d'you mean girls?"
"Well almost every night he has a girl over"
she slapped her forehead,
"I'm so fucking stupid" I heard her say,
"No you're not"
"Yes.I.Am, I wasted my first kiss on that man whore"
"first kiss?"
"Yeah, well, I've never had a boyfriend either, I don't find it shocking"
"You should, a pretty girl like you, single?"
*Emily's P.O.V*
I blushed,
but seriously, this is why I didn't get involved with boys,
I still didn't believe Harry for a second, I guess I'll have to talk with Zayn in English tomorrow -_-
"I think you should go Hazz, it's getting late, and we have school tomorrow"
"School, shmool, lets ditch"
"That's a great offer but I think I'll pass" I said laughing, 
"Suit yourself" he said smiling than kissed me on the cheek, "Sweet dreams love" then he left.
When he left I got changed into my pajamas and went to sleep,
My life is too 'ugh' at the moment.
oooh Hazz is lying to 'his girl'.... DRAMA BOMB 
you guys like the story?


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