The stalker next door

Emily was just an average teenager, who wants to focus on school work, get good grades and get on with her life but will her stalker let her... *one direction not famous*


6. First day, part 1

*Emily's P.O.V*
It's about 5:

45 in the morning, I decided to take a shower, brush my teeth, curl my hair and put on my outfit.
For breakfast I just had a cream cheese bagel with a cup of orange juice, 
trust me I would've mad a feast for breakfast but I was running out of time, school starts at 8 -_-
I walked out and saw Harry standing by his car, "Need a ride!" he yelled, I'm not just going to get in the car with some stalker ._.
"No thanks I have my own car" I really didn't want to 'spend time' with him, he's kinda creeping me out.
My parents got me a car so I could drive to school, and places, yuh know?
"Don't go causing trouble there" Those words kept replaying in my head, my dad had warned, I knew this Harry boy would be trouble.
I was on campus at the moment trying to figure out where everything is.
I was pacing around looking at the map when I bumped into someone, 
"Oh my god I'm so sorry, I'm a cluts" I said helping with their books,
"It's okay I'm a cluts myself, oh I'm Liam" He said standing up, I got lost in his chocolate eyes-keep it together, school's not for boys, I reminded myself,
"Oh-I'm Emily, I just transferred here" 
"I was just about to ask if you had just transferred" He laughed, his smile was contagious, it made me smile as well, 
"What's your first class?" He asked
"I have drama" I said puzzled, "I'm kind of lost..."
he laughed, "I was when I first came too, but no need to worry, you have most of your classes with me, well except more science" 
"Thank god" I sighed "well we should get to class"
"yes, don't worry you'll love Ms.B she's awesome"
When I walked into class everyone stared at me, like I said, I hate when people stare, I'm not one of those really shy people that hide their face though, "ahhhh are you Emily?" Ms.B asked,
"Listen up! We are going to ask a few questions to our new prisoner" she smiled then whispered , "I call all my students my prisoners, I think its fun" I laughed and nodded, I was supposed to point at people, then they ask questions,
"Where are you from?" a girl asked
"Hi, I'm Eleanor, your new best friend!" she was adorable, I laughed and waved 'hi',
"Hi, I'm Niall, my friends call me Nialler do you like food?" his accent was adorable, his eyes were beautiful, he had braces and blondish-brown hair,
"Do I like food? pfft If I had a life supply of chicken, It would be gone" everyone laughed, Then I saw him whisper something to Liam, did they know each other?
Then I saw Harry walk in and hand a late slip to the teacher, she explained to him what we were doing than he sat down,
"Are you single?" he asked 
"Appropriate questions Mr.Styles" She said glaring at him, I shook my head and mouthed no
ahhh next was English,
"Hi, I'm Mr.right" he said shaking my hand, he pointed next to an empty seat next to a boy with a quiff,
Liam and Niall were sitting far from me.
"Hi, I'm Zayn" he said smiling at me.
"Emily" I said smiling back,
"Okay we are having a 'free reading' period enjoy" everyone sighed he went to his computer and didn't take one look at us, 
Zayn was just texting on his phone, everyone was talking, it was loud, I took out my phone and blasted 'Skyscraper' by Demi Lovato while I was doodling Spongebob on my paper, I didn't realize I was singing along to it, until Zayn tapped on my shoulder, I pulled out my headphones , and looked at him,
"You have an amazing voice yuh know" 
I blushed I hated when people heard me sing, 
"I sing too" that was shocking...
"You do?" 
"Yeah, you should come by my place after school and I'll let you hear my beautiful voice" I laughed at what he had said,
"Haha sure, text me the address?" He nodded and we exchanged numbers.
ahhhh Math, something I was good at,
She put me between some kid that was wearing suspenders and Harry "Great" I thought to myself.
"Hi I'm Louis" he smiled
"Emily" I smiled back
"Do you like carrots?" well that was a random question,
"I eat a pack like everyday", I laughed
"Good, we are going to be great friends, I'm assuming you met Eleanor" He laughed
"Yeah, how'd you know?" 
"Well she's kind of my girlfriend and she just texted me did you meet Emily yet"
I smiled at the thought of them being boyfriend and girlfriend it's kinda like they were made for each other, they were officially the cutest couple in my book.
Next was science, I hated science, ever since middle school,  I had to be partners with Harry cause the seating chart went by last names, Stewart, Styles, just my luck. I finally saw Lacey today, she only science with me and we can't be partners -____- 
I gave her a hug when I saw her, she asked how my day was I said good, she said hers was boring, then the teacher made us all sit in out seats.
"Why did you ignore me all Math class?" I ignored the question,
"Why did you come to my house last night?" I spat,
"Well when I saw a pretty girl like you I couldn't help it, I was giving you a friendly neighbor welcome" 
I blushed a little then snapped out of it, "so you give me a welcome after you just stare at me and my friend swimming in the pool" I laughed,
"Well like I said I couldn't help it, and you have a great body" I rolled my eyes,
"oh put a sock in it" I said and he waved at Lacey, but she rolled her eyes and turned her head, gotta love my best friend.
The bell rang, finally lunch
I got 2 big slices of pizzaMountain Dewnachos, mmm I love nachos, and carrots on the side, Liam told me to sit down with him and his friends for lunch, I told Lacey to come with me but she says some boy wants to take her out, oh la la ;)
Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Eleanor were all sitting, when I joined them I Niall opened his mouth,
"That's my kinda girl" 
"What a girl can't eat" I laughed 
"Well girls here don't" Liam said 
Lunch was pretty fun, we all sat there telling corny jokes,
the rest of the day was nice,
I got a text from Zayn at the end of the day
                                                         Hey babe, don't forget to come over today. xx -Zayn 
I completely forgot, well I guess I should be heading to Zayn's now...
Is it good so far? lol I would'nt give you guys his address even if I had it, stalkers ._.

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