The stalker next door

Emily was just an average teenager, who wants to focus on school work, get good grades and get on with her life but will her stalker let her... *one direction not famous*


5. Exploring, part 2

she ran inside and tackled me with a hug, "EM! My parents said I could go to school with you! I'm three houses down from you!"
We both screamed like 3 year olds, "Why are you in your bathing suit?" she gave me a puzzled look, 
"I'm about to go swiming, wanna come?" I said, 
"Well duh! not fair, I don't have a swimming pool" she whined,
"oh shut up, you can borrrow one of my bathing suits!" I yelled while running upstairs.
I gave her one of my bathing suits, then we were off, I figured it was a good chance for Roof to learn how to swim too,
The pool was awesome!
We were playing with the beach ball for a while, the fence around my pool was short, so I could see the other neighbors yards and stuff,
I see some boy walk into his back yard and just stare at me, Lacey noticed to.
*Lacey's P.O.V*
Why was he just starring at her,
"Problem?" I heard Emily say,
He just shook his head, like... the fuck bro?
"C'mon lets go, he ruined the fun" Emily nodded and we got out of the pool and into the house,
"I think I'm gonna go home, and get unpacking, you should too" okay, I was a little freaked out by the stalker, but who wouldn't be?
"Okay, see you at school tomorrow" she said giving me a hug.
"Did I forget anything?" I always feel like I forget something,
"No" she laughed then I walked out and jogged to my house.
*Emily's P.O.V*
I got changed into my pajamas right after she left, 
I heard a knock on the door, I assumed it was her,
"Lace I told you, you didn't for-" 
I stopped talking when I realized who it was.
"Hey babe" his masculan voice ran through my head, he grabbed my hand sending shivers down my body,
"I'm Harry, whats your name" I froze I couldn't speak
"E-emily" I managed to say, 
"I'll see you in school tomorrow Emily" I was still frozen I didn't know what was wrong with me,
He let go of my hand and left, I could move again, what happened?
I'm just gonna sleep on it.
Is it good so far?

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