The stalker next door

Emily was just an average teenager, who wants to focus on school work, get good grades and get on with her life but will her stalker let her... *one direction not famous*


8. Drama

*Emily's P.O.V* 
I woke up around 5 and got out of bed.
The strangest thing happened...
I looked at my window then saw something move, it was Harry's house, I thought there was a break in or something,
I rubbed my eyes put on my glasses, but all I saw was a pair of binoculars....?
And they were pointing into my room but Harry couldn't be watching me... could he?
I just shrugged it off and took a shower, brushed my teeth, all that goody stuff,
I put my hair in a messy bun, wore my outfit and walked out to my car,
again I saw Harry out side waiting for me,
"Please! I owe you for yesterday" he begged,
I sighed "fine"
*Harry's P.O.V*
Finally a chance with my laday.
I bent down and got inside the drivers seat,
"What a gentle men" she laughs,
I hit my forehead and got out of the car. 
I made my way over to the passenger door and opened it,
"Ma lady" I said and she laughed,
If she had caught me earlier today, I don't know what I would have done, okay so I have a problem....
But the girl I want is into someone else, who I am wayyyy better than.
I put on the radio in the car and I heard her sing, she sounded like an angel, my angel, am I getting too possessive?
"you sing?" she stopped then just looked away ignoring the question,
"Love, you didn't answer my question" I said laughing 
"Well, I-I do, a little" she said shyly 
"A little, gurrrrrrrrrrrrrl I know you lyin'" I said trying to sound ghetto,
"Don't ever say that again Styles" she chuckled 
"What's you last name?"
"Stewart why" 
"If you're going to call me Styles I might as well call you Stewart" she sighed
We finally arrived at school, I saw Zayn walking with Louis and I purposely dropped Emily off in front of him, you know to let him know who's daddy ;)
*Zayn's P.O.V*
I saw a car pull up near me and Louis,
Emily came out then I saw Harry sitting in the drivers seat,
I did get a little bit jealous but I held my ground, Harry gave me a smile 
"Hey Em!" I said smiling, remembering what had happened yesterday,
"Hi" she fake smiled, I'm not stupid I know when people are telling the truth or not by their eyes,
"What's wrong?" 
"Oh- uh just something Harry told me"
I put my arm around her and began walking with her,
"What'd Harry tell you?" better not be about me,
"Well, he said that you bring girls home everyday" 
"What! that jealous bastard! He's just jealous 'cause I have you, it ends now!" I said dropping my books and walking over to my so called 'best friend'.
"Hey Hazza!" 
"Yes" he turned around smiling,
"Why are you telling Emily lies"
*Emily's P.O.V*
"Why are you telling Emily lies" I heard Zayn yell pushing Harry, are you fucking serious? It's only my second day of school and 'technically' I'm causing too much trouble -_-
"Stop!" a croud started to watch cheering 'fight!' 'fight!'
"Stay outta this Stewart" He was about to punch Zayn in the face when stupid me had to jump in and save the day, then 'boom!' I got hit,
I heard a couple of gasps go around, don't get me wrong it did hurt but I couldn't cry, well not in front of everyone I just looked at Harry and got up wiped the dirt off me 'cause I had fallen to the ground and ran home,
I did track for high school, plus I was the fastest in my school, so I don't think Harry would be catching up anytime soon.
I quickly got in my house and locked the door but I didn't cry, I was just sitting, starring at the wall, I was just confused,
were Harry and Zayn really about to fight over me?
*Harry's P.O.V* 
When Emily had ran I just froze,
"Bro, What did we just do?" I heard Zayn say,
What did I do?....
Sorry for the short chapter I'll try to make sure the next one will be long, I'll update this weekend ;)
Bai =)

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