The stalker next door

Emily was just an average teenager, who wants to focus on school work, get good grades and get on with her life but will her stalker let her... *one direction not famous*


17. Chapter Teaser ^_______^

*Zayn's P.O.V* Did I just see what I think I saw? How? How? I'm wordless..... How? The only reason I came over was cause I had to tell her I liked her. I just completely lost it at my house. I kept thinking about her. I couldn't get her off my mind. I had to see her! But not sucking face with Harry! "Urm hey zayn?" Emily says with a confused face. "Can I talk to you..... alone?" I ask and she nods and is about to get up until Harry stops her. "No. Zayn you can say to her whatever you want right here." He says and smiles. He won't win. "Fine... Emily.. I'm in love with you. Madly in love with you. I love that your first kiss was wit me. I love the hugs you give. The way you talk. The shyness. The way you smile. The way you laugh. Your smart and beautiful. You play Xbox.... your practically perfect. I can't find any imperfection about you! And its been driving me crazy! You run through my mind everyday. And my thoughts won't calm down till you're mine." I said and took a breath. I looked down and just saw Emily staring at me. Then Harry stood up. "Choose." He stated. "What?" She said confused looking up at the both of us. "Choose." He said again. "I-I hold on" she said and she walked in her house. We waited outside her house for about 30 minutes. She never came out. "Who needs the slut anyway you can have the bitch" Harry said... uh oh. When Harry is pissed he says stuff he doesn't mean .. but it can get out of hand.... "Harry you don't mean that" I said putting my hand on his shoulder but he flicked it off.... "No I di-" he started to say but she came back out. "If you are going to talk shit about me go to your house or a friends so you'd actually be surrounded by people who care." When she said that he got really mad. *Emily's P.O.V* listen I am gonna stick up for myself... you're not just gonna get away with calling me that ... basically right in front of me. "Fine then. I will." He said and walked off... Zayn just put his head down. "Would you like for me to stay with you?" He said. "We have to go to school tomorrow Zayn" I said and he stepped in. "Does it honestly look like I care" he said and smiled. *Harry's P.O.V* I give a shit what she thinks? I can ruin her in a second. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. There is a party at Niallers tonight... which obviously means beer. Which obviously means I can get my way with people. "Ah look who's here..." he said as he opened the door. I could tell he was drunk. "Tell everyone I've got an announcement" A/N Okay guys this was a teaser..... the story is about to get a whole lot more physical ;)
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