Fang Ripped Wedding Dresses

After a new king comes to power in the vampire community new rules are given. Some rules are worse than others and four teenage vampires are about to see how worse things really can get.
Razor - A wonderful young gentleman that adores his soon to be wife.
Summer - Daddy's little princess.
Blink - Daughter of two strict and uncaring parents and a panicking girl.
Chance - The king's own son and the surprise of a life time for Blink.


9. Sinister whispers

Rising up from the ground was a Goth's dream house. Large black turrets and towers spiralled up to the cloudy sky. Large dome windows were dotted about the dark brick work of the building, most were dark and sinister. The entrance was a large porch way with large oak doors set back from the black pillars.

 Blink ran her eyes over the palace a number of times, the sheer size of it awed her. The only off - thing about the building was the sooty black colouring off if a fire had rampaged and curled itself onto the palace.  

"Out!" The Prince's voice broke her day dreaming and she fumbled with the door handle. With an embarrassing thrust and less dignity than she'd wanted she made it out of the car. From the other side the chauffeur opened up Chance's door and let the Prince smoothly exist the car. Without hesitation Chance walked ran the other side, past Blink and up the pebble track that led to the palace.

Blink tried to look relaxed as she hurried after him but it was a hard mask to keep up when the Prince of the race, your mate to be was waltzing meters ahead of you. She caught him looking over his shoulder at her now and then, then quickening his pace. Within minutes he had reached the doors and was being let in by heavily armed guards.

"Hurry up dear!" the last word was a snarl as Blink ran up the track and meet him at the door. His hand locked on her arm and his nails dug in. Looking into her eyes she could tell he wanted her to wince in pain or struggle. She stayed firm, biting down the pained whimper that had risen in her throat. 

Chance scowled, annoyed that she hadn't played along with his game and yanked her inside. At least that caused her to yelp as she nearly tripped over the doorway. He pulled her close and  pushed her in front of him, "Welcome to your home." Of course a cheerful voice placed there to fool the eves-dropping servants. Lowering his lips to her ear he whispered in his dark, sinister tone, "your prison my love."

She stiffened in his grip.

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