Fang Ripped Wedding Dresses

After a new king comes to power in the vampire community new rules are given. Some rules are worse than others and four teenage vampires are about to see how worse things really can get.
Razor - A wonderful young gentleman that adores his soon to be wife.
Summer - Daddy's little princess.
Blink - Daughter of two strict and uncaring parents and a panicking girl.
Chance - The king's own son and the surprise of a life time for Blink.


5. Shoved Forward Into Love

Blink waited for the electric gates of her house - it was a nothing more than a house. Saying it was a home to her, would be implying that she enjoyed spending time there - to open. Once through she walked across the neatly kept lawn and up the marble steps, then into the three story mansion.  

"Oh, thank God," Blink looked up and her mother suddenly appeared from nowhere and started dragging her up the spiral staircase. "Why didn't you get here sooner? I hope you weren't with that boy again!" Blink kept her head low and let her mother do the guessing game. "You need to start acting like a grown up. No more playing kiss chase!"

"Oh joy, acting like a grown up is fun." Blink mumbled. Her mother stood still.

"No, it's not fun, but in this world it might save your life. Now, you are going to go into that room," Teresa pointed to the sitting room door, "with your head held high and you will meet your husband!"

"Why? I'm not going to get anything from this marriage!" Blink folded her arms. Teresa unfolded her daughter's arms - a little too rough - and stared down at her.

"Your father has been able to place you with a very high bloodline." She hissed and shoved her daughter forward. Blink's hand paused on the door handle.

"But what if don't love this guy?" She gave a sniff and Teresa ignored the fact her daughter was near to tears and started to tug at Blink's shirt collar.

"He isn't a guy, he is a gentleman," Smoothing the collar down, Teresa placed a firm hand on her child's shoulder. "Do you think love makes heirs? I didn't marry your father for love."

"Yeah, it shows," Blink mumbled. Her mother ignored her, turned the handle and gave her daughter a shove into the room. A shove into her marriage.

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