Fang Ripped Wedding Dresses

After a new king comes to power in the vampire community new rules are given. Some rules are worse than others and four teenage vampires are about to see how worse things really can get.
Razor - A wonderful young gentleman that adores his soon to be wife.
Summer - Daddy's little princess.
Blink - Daughter of two strict and uncaring parents and a panicking girl.
Chance - The king's own son and the surprise of a life time for Blink.


4. Razor

"There you are!" Summer cheered and wrapped her arms around Razor's neck, giving him a kiss. "Father was getting worried! Where were you?" She locked eyes with him, pushing for information.

"I was spending time with Blink," Razor replied, making his clothes look neat in preparation for seeing her father. Summer's father, Wilson, worked with his father and the King in Parliament. He was a strict man and made Razor nervous. He'd tried very hard to impress Summer's parents and get into the family. After all Summer was daddy's little girl and if Razor did something wrong he wouldn't live to see sunrise.

"Oh. Blink. You went to see her?" Summer questioned. She took his hand and made it fit perfectly in her own, pulling him towards the front door of her house. Once inside Razor suddenly felt very awkward and uncomfortable.

"Razor! Answer me!"  Summer shrieked. Razor looked down at her and forced a smile.

"Huh? Sorry my mind is on other things." He offered a kiss, but Summer turned her head to the side.

"That girl I bet." All the words were bitter and tasteless. Summer folded her arms and began to walk towards the study door where her father was waiting to discuss the wedding. Razor moved to stand in front of her.

"Blink is just a friend! I have told you this a thousand times!"  Razor grabbed her hands and held them, rubbing his fingers over them gently. Summer kept her eyes to the floor and tried best to ignore him, but he spoke again, his calming voice washing over her. "We have been friends for years. She is going through a very harsh time with this arranged marriage system and is panicking. I'm just worried about her. She's like a sister to me." 

Summer looked up quickly and gave a massive, forced smile. "Forgive me for getting jealous. But Father is waiting. Shall we?" She gestured to the door. Razor gave a cocky smile as they walked over, and placed his hand on the door knob.

"You're jealous?"

Summer pouted. "So what?"

Razor chuckled and turned the door knob.

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