Fang Ripped Wedding Dresses

After a new king comes to power in the vampire community new rules are given. Some rules are worse than others and four teenage vampires are about to see how worse things really can get.
Razor - A wonderful young gentleman that adores his soon to be wife.
Summer - Daddy's little princess.
Blink - Daughter of two strict and uncaring parents and a panicking girl.
Chance - The king's own son and the surprise of a life time for Blink.


7. Did You Ever Really Love Me?

Blink hesitated in the room, the prince was already descending the stairs she could hear his thick boots slap against the marble. She looked around the room, looking for a reason to stay. But after staring at every tiny detail and dust particle she found none and with a heavy sigh walked from the room.

"Honey, is it sorted?" Blink's mother stood awkwardly by the landing window. She came forward slightly and reached out for her daughter. Teresa was starting to realise that her child was growing up, moving on and leaving her alone. 'will she remember me?' Teresa questioned. She made contact with her daughter's hand and held it tight. But the look Blink gave her had nothing of love, grief and innocents in it. Instead her daughter glared at her and it was at that moment Teresa's heart stopped in agony, 'she hates me, she has always hated me. Ever since she was little I've tried to make her into the perfect wife. But that meant taking away her childhood,' Teresa gave a discreet sob, 'I've always been the bad guy in her childhood. She'll always hate me-'

"Come here now!" Teresa's thoughts were interrupted by the booming command of the prince. Blink dropped her hand and gave a small nod of the head,

"Mother, someone will collect my stuff." She started heading down the stairs. Teresa's legs wouldn't move and they gave her the cruel punishment - for ruining Blink's childhood - of watching her daughter leave with a stranger.

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