Fang Ripped Wedding Dresses

After a new king comes to power in the vampire community new rules are given. Some rules are worse than others and four teenage vampires are about to see how worse things really can get.
Razor - A wonderful young gentleman that adores his soon to be wife.
Summer - Daddy's little princess.
Blink - Daughter of two strict and uncaring parents and a panicking girl.
Chance - The king's own son and the surprise of a life time for Blink.


6. Could Things Get Worse?

Blink tried not the stumble as her mother shoved her in and closed the door. The room as in utter darkness, saved only by one side of the curtain left open. But Blink wasn't looking at the snowy light, instead her eyes were fixed on the figure sitting in her father's chair. Darkness whizzed around the outline of the young male vampire.

"Will you not sit?" a silk voice purred. Blink hesitated a little, but walked over to the chair opposite. She sat awkwardly on the edge and looked at the figure. From what she could tell, he was of an average height and had a firm body structure.

However, he was little more than a black shape in the darkness, and it was not until he leant forward that she saw him.

Slender frame, piercing blue eyes and a gentle face.

"'re Blink," he said, staring at her. "Not quite what I expected. I thought you'd be..."

"Skinnier?" Blink suggested, sitting awkwardly.

The vampire boy chuckled. "Maybe. I must say though, your...shape, is very nice." He smiled, almost wickedly.

Blink frowned. Shape? She had the feeling he wasn't being kind...just perverted. Choosing not to start a confrontation with the boy, she simply said, "Thanks."

The boy chuckled again. "Oh, dear. So. I chose to marry you, and the wedding is very soon. Therefore, you shall be living with me."

Blink had to stop herself from recoiling as her mind screamed, "What?"

The boy stood and moved round behind her seat, sending a chill down her spine. "You may not like it, but I don't particularly care. You're living with me, and doing as I say. Simple."

Blink stuttered, lost for words. Who was this boy to say such things?

Taking a deep breath, the boy chuckled. "It's good to be a prince."

One of the princes, of course. No wonder he was so pompous and arrogant.

"And which one are you?" Blink asked, glaring at him.

The prince frowned at her. "Which one am I? Why you ignorant little..." He paused and took a deep breath. "I am Chance. You are my betrothed. That is all that matters. Now come with me. We're leaving."

"Leaving? But...but...I haven't packed," Blink retorted, panicked.

Chance laughed. "I'm sure we can get your stuff sent." A moment later he was out of the room, leaving Blink alone.

"He...he...he..." She took a deep breath and sobbed slightly. "He can't just do that..."

"Yes he can," her mother said from the doorway. "Go on. I promise we'll pack some things for you and send them."

Blink sighed and nodded. "Okay...okay. Fine, I'll go."

Her mother smiled. "That's a good girl."

"Don't patronise me!"

"Don't talk to me in that tone! Go!"

Blink sighed, stood up and moved to the door. As she passed, her mother grabbed her and pulled her into a hug,

"Behave for the king and princes. I don't want to go to your execution."

"Execution?" Blink cried, but received no response as her mother ushered her out of the room, and to the front door, where Chance was waiting.

"Come along," he said, bluntly, heading out the door.

Blink frowned. Wonderful. Stuck with a pompous prince, and at risk of execution.

Could things get any worse?

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