Praying For Love - One Direction

I can't really say anything about this story. If you like, you like it, if you don't, you don't.


10. Trending

Why was you so comfortable with Liam? The only thing you had in mind was Niall and to get your brothers ass in your room and for him to tell you that nothing happened with him OR Louis. You were looking around for your phone. You found it in Liams other hand. 


You: ''Liam, can you please handle over my phone to me?'' Liam gave it to you. This wasn't just so you could check twitter, Facebook and instagram, but so you could make Liam go of your hand. He pulled his hand back and you were free. You could feel the cold wind on your hand. It gave you goosebumps. 

Liam: ''So, how are you feeling. What does people say about you on twitter?'' You couldn't answer him. You were speechless. Your mouth completely open with no words coming out. Just... Speechless. ''What? What's wrong Gemma?'' 

You: ''It's, twitter.. It's the trending.'' 

Liam: ''Oh god no...'' Liam sounded so sad. So disappointed. 

You: ''No, Liam... It's good.'' Liam immediately looked up on you, his face expression was excited, but his eyes was confused. 


Liam looked you in the eyes. Smiling. 

Harry and Louis suddenly walked, no, they were running through the door. Jumping with excitement. Smiling too. Harry grabbed your arm. Shaking it, then back to Louis, shaking him. Why was he so happy? Louis was choked, smiling too. Bit of it all.


Harry: ''THE TRENDING GEMMA! NUMBER ONE WORLDWIDE TREND! #PRAYFORGEMMA !'' Well, he seemed happy, but you've already seen it. It was nothing to jump about. ''GEMMA WHY AREN'T YOU EXCITED ABOUT THIS?'' You just lifted your shoulders looking confused. What was the big deal. ''SEE!'' Harry showed you Niall, Rihanna and Beyonces tweets. They all tweeted #PrayForGemma.


Some tears started to roll down your cheeks. Everyone was so supportive. Even through nothing really happened. Or, you thought so. After you saw those tweets, you noticed your leg felt heavy. You lifted your blanket and saw your leg. Was it really broken? How? 


You: ''Wait, what happened to my leg?!''.... 

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