Praying For Love - One Direction

I can't really say anything about this story. If you like, you like it, if you don't, you don't.


1. The meeting

The winter started as usual. Snow and cold weather. You were out doing the yearly christmas shopping alone. You were running down the streets covered in sweat as the shops were about to close. You didn't actually wanted to get distracted, but a boy was standing on the corner, singing to earn money, freezing and tired. You tried to listen carefully, but with all the people who was running and talking near you, it wasn't that easy to hear him. You decided to walk a little bit closer to him, and just as you thought, his voice was extremly clear. You recognized the song and then you closed your eyes. You quietly began to sing along with him. Suddenly you could feel a cold hand on your shoulder.


Boy: ''Well, well, well. I see you know the song, you like it?'' The boys voice sounded extremly exhausted. You could feel your own heartbeat. It beated fast. You felt like your heart was about to jump out of your chest.


Boy: ''Sooo, can I get an answer? You liked the song?'' You just stood there looking deep into his charming brown eyes. You awkwardly nodded and stopped breathing.


Boy: ''Haha, great! Can I possibly get to know your name?'' He said while biting his lip. You kinda found him really attractive, even trough he was dirty and homeless.


You: ''Uhm, my name is... Uhm, Gemma. And you? What's your name?'' Your lips was shaking badly. You've never been so 'nervous' about meeting new people before. The boy giggled af little and looked down. After 5 seconds he looked up again while biting his lip and lifting the left eyebrow.


Boy: ''Haha here's the funny thing. I don't know. I kinda have been homeless the most of my life and I don't know anyone. I don't know my age, my name, my family. Nothing.'' The boys eyes was getting wet, but even trough he was sad, he still keept that cute smile on his face.


You: ''Oh, I'm really sorry! I wasn't supposed to make you sad. I should probably just leave.'' You looked very confused up and down. Then you finally decided to turn around and leave. Before you even got to take one step, his hand took your arm.


Boy: ''But I call myself Zayn. Zayn Malik.'' He said with a smile on his face. You looked into his eyes again and smiled back at him. He let go of you and you walked away. 


While you were walking you could hear that he began to sing again. You giggled a little and looked at you watch. You began to stress when you found out that the store closed in 5 minutes. You knew what you looked for, so you just exactly had time to run into the store and find what you were looking for! You ran into the store, found what you were looking for and as you thought it couldn't get any worse, you bumped into a new boy and you dropped all your things! He helped you pick up your stuff and you looked him mad into his eyes...

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