Praying For Love - One Direction

I can't really say anything about this story. If you like, you like it, if you don't, you don't.


9. Hospital

You: ''What the hell? What are you doing Liam?!'' You were completely chocked about it. Why would Liam protect you after what happened last night. You didn't understood it.

Liam: ''Listen, I don't care if you're with somebody else. I love you okay? This is not easy for me today, but I do. I was drunk last night and I would've never reacted like that, you know that. Please, just give me a chance Gemma.'' He spoke extremly fast. You could hear his breath. He was nervous. 

You: ''No Liam. I'm with Niall. I love Niall. Not you, you have to understand that.'' Liam smiled disappointed to the ground while laying both of his hands on his neck. He nodded no. You could see his eyes getting wet and glowy. Your heart started pumping really fast. You got dizzy.


You heard a deep and slow voice saying your name. ''Gemma, Gemma are you alright?'' The whole world started spinning. ''Oh my god. GEMMA! Somebody help!'' The last thing you heard was just people buzzing around you, people yelling. Terrible. You felt like you were laying down, eyes spinning around, headache. You couldn't keep your eyes open anymore.

You woke up in a bed. In a room you've never been in before. That kinda freaked you out. You had a hard time keeping your eyes open, but you were fighting. You looked around, found Liam sitting on a chair next to you holding your hand. You had absolutly no idea what just happened. Liam was smiling at you. A doctor came in and started a lot of machines connected to you. It was there you realized you were in a hospital.


Doctor: ''Good to see you awake. How are you feeling.'' The doctor smiled at you. So did Liam. Why was everyone so freaking happy. What happened? ''You passed out in the store. Liam here helped you to the hospital. You've been sleeping the last 5 hours.'' Your eyes got big. You passed out, in the store. The first persons who came to your mind was your brother and Louis. 

You: ''But wait, what about Harry and Louis, where are they? Oh my god are they alright?'' You paniced. You had no idea where they were. Your breathing became fast. Liam quickly took your hand and pressed it hard. He forced you to look at him, right into his big brown eyes. 

Liam: ''Gemma look at me. Okay, breath. They're alright. They're in the waiting room. Nothing happened to them okay?'' You smiled at Liam and thanked him with a nod. 

Doctor: ''I guess you two want some alone time. I'm just gonna go get some tests.'' The doctor walked out of the room.


Why was Liam so helpfull. Yeah, he had a crush in you. You knew that, but why did he helped you this much. You've been nothing but an asshole to him. Liam kept smiling at you. You looked down at your hand, his hand was still holding yours. You tried to pull your hand back, but with no luck. He had a tight grip. Then you thought about Niall, Twitter, trendings, rumors. You were about to panic again, but once again, Liam pressed your hand to calm you down. It actually helped....

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