Praying For Love - One Direction

I can't really say anything about this story. If you like, you like it, if you don't, you don't.


2. Hating

You: ''Oh for god sake Harry! Watch out!'' It was your stupid baby brother. ''What are you doing here?'' you kinda yelled at him.


You found your brother extremly annoying. He always messed things up! He was sooo selfish, and didn't really care about others except from his best friend Louis. They were together all the time. Also, you found Louis very annoying. He was 2 years older than Harry, but still, he didn't act like he was 18 years young.


Louis: ''Relax Gemma! Harry and I was just out buying some sweets, no need to get mad!'' Harry and Louis laughed a bit and then got back to be serious again. You were so tired of them.


Harry and Louis had this stupid plan about growing up and get famous! They even made a band! It sounded horrible, even trough they stayed up all night practicing over and over again. Why couldn't Harry just be normal for once. Play with some boys and girls on his own age. Have normal dreams about being a fireman or a doctor, but no no, ofcourse he wanted to be famous.


You: ''Stay out of this Louis! You don't have to protect him all the time! Let him say something for once.'' You picked the last things up and ran over to pay.


Louis: ''Relax babe! You on your periode?'' Louis actually yelled it trough the whole store. You just laughed at tried to figure out what to yell back.


You: ''No, but it seems like you are!'' You smiled at Louis and he turned around while grabbing Harrys arm. They walked out of the store and you could finally pay.


You stood outside in the snow! You were freezing and there was no taxi's. You took your phone up and checked your twitter. Hate messages, again. You were sick and tired of all the hate you got all the time. Again you could feel a hand on your shoulder. 


Zayn: ''Oh hey, good, you're still here. I just wanted to say thank you, for taking time to listen to me. It's not very often people do that! So thank you, you're a great person!'' He smiled the biggest smile while letting go of your shoulder. He's voice didn't sounded that exhausted anymore. He sounded fresh and happy. 


You: ''Well, thank you. Your voice is incredible! Can I always find you here?'' You smiled.


Zayn: ''Absolutly! I have to go, nice to chat to you again!'' He smiled and then he just dissapered. That was kinda weird. 


After a while you found a taxi! You sad in and took your phone up. You checked twitter again..

''TOP TRENDS: #GemmaFlirtingWithHomelessBoy #GemmaCheating #GEMMADIE'' You were about to cry.

Peoples hated on you because you did something good. Why couldn't people just accept it. You found pictures of you and Zayn. It was horrible. You was just being friendly to a homeless guy. Your friends texted you all the time, called you. You didn't want to answer. Then your phone rang again. You answered this time, not because you wanted to, but ou felt the need to do it. 


You: ''Hello?''...



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