Praying For Love - One Direction

I can't really say anything about this story. If you like, you like it, if you don't, you don't.


3. Finally home

Niall: ''Hey babe, you alright? What happened today?'' It was Niall. Your famous boyfriend. You loved him sooo much and he was so down to earth. ''You there, hello?'' 

You: ''Yeah babe, I'm here!'' you smiled. It was not always he had the time to call you. It made you happy. ''It was kinda overwhelming today. It was a homeless guy who stood on a cornor in the mall, and i just stood there listnening, then he came over to me and we talked a bit! Babe, I'm tired of all the hate!'' your eyes became wet, and you started crying.


The taxi driver looked at you a lot, it was a little bit weird. He asked you if you were okay many times and he kept asking. Niall and you was talking for a long time, but you needed it. It was nice talking to Niall when he was touring! He called you even trough he was on the other side of the planet, the fact that he took 10 minutes off the talk to you.

The taxi stopped and the driver asked you to pay, you stood out, but then the driver stopped you.


Driver: ''Wait a minute, aren't you Niall Horans girlfriend, Gemma?'' You giggled and nodded. ''Oh, haha, can I maybe get a picture?'' You nodded and giggled again. He was the first stranger today to not hate you. You took the picture and started walking towards the door. 

Niall: ''Babe, there's something I have to tell you.'' You got kinda confused. What in the world would he tell you? Would he break up? You answered back with a shaky ''Okay.''

Niall: ''Come inside, then I'll explain it all to you.'' You instantly found out what was going on. You ran to the door and ran in to see your parents with a big smile on their faces. 

You: ''WHERE IS HE?!'' You yelled it with wet eyes and they pointed upstairs. You ran upstairs, into your room, and there he was. Sitting on the bed looking at your wall. There were posters of him everywhere.


You were so happy. You smiled, laughed and cried at the same time! You haven't seen him for 5 months and now he sat in your bedroom staring at you again. You could see Nialls eyes got wet to, while he was smiling the biggest smile you have ever seen him wear. He opened his arms waiting for you to hug him. You ran over to him and not just hugged him, you attacked him. Luckly, he stood in front of the bed so you fell backwards into the bed. He hugged you really tight. It felt nice. You lifted your head and looked deep into his eyes. You kissed him 15 times and you just didn't want to let go of him.

You helped him up from the bed and hugged him again. While you were hugging him with your face barried in his shoulder you whispered in his ear.


You: ''I missed you so much.'' You actually said that crying. Niall giggled and answered back with a big fat ''I missed you too.''' You cried even more now. You were the happiest girl ever! 

Niall: ''Now to the thing I had to tell you.'' You looked confused at him. Wasn't it that he was home? ''I want you to do something for me.'' You looked even more confused now, but you nodded and he contiuned. ''I want you to come with me when I'm starting my Europe tour.'' You looked at Niall with big eyes and a open mouth. You didn't really knew how to answer that. 

You: ''Oh Niall, I, I, I don't know what to say? I'm still in school and, and, uhm, wow. I, uhm, I would love that.'' You said that with a smile on your face, so it must be the right thing to do.


Niall smiled this cute smile you just couldn't stand for and then he kissed you. While you were kissin your mom walked in. You pulled the 'That was kinda awkward' face, and Niall just laughed. Your mom smiled and so did you and Niall.


Mom: ''You have a visitor.''..


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