Praying For Love - One Direction

I can't really say anything about this story. If you like, you like it, if you don't, you don't.


4. Fightings

You looked confused at your mother. Who the hell came to visit you at this time. You were busy with Niall, but anyway, you walked downstairs with Niall beside you. 


Mom: ''Will you open the door or should I?'' your mom smiled. Your mom tried to be funny. The only thing she was doing was to embarrass you in front of Niall. It wasn't funny at all. Ofcourse Niall laughed at her. He always did. He whispered in our ear when he stopped laughing. ''Sorry babe.'' Nialls voice made you feel like you were safe. 

You: ''Uhm, I'm not a baby anymore mom.'' You said that and gave your mom the killer eyes. You took a step forward and opened the door. You waved Niall and your mom away. They looked confused, but they disappeared. ''What in the freaking hell are you doing here?!'' You looked back into the house, then looked back at the person in front of you. You took another step forwards and closed the door behind you. 

Liam: ''Well nice to see you too?'' He said while smiling a confusing smile. ''Can I come in?'' He asked and you replied with a nicely ''No.'' You smiled a cheeky smile and then got serious again. 

Liam: ''Why babe, just for a minute maybe?'' He took a step closer to you while saying that. You took a step back and he just took another step forward. You took a step back again, and you hitted the door. His face was really close to yours. You got scared. ''Well, you know. You're a good kisser, and I just want to...'' He leaned into you while saying that, and he stopped his sentence there.


Suddenly his lips touched yours. You tried to push him away, but he was too strong. You finally got him away for a couple of seconds, those seconds was luckly enough for you to yell for help. His lips touched yours again and you tried your best to push him away. The door opened and you fell into Nialls arms. Liam looked at the ground while smiling a cheeky smile. Niall looked confused at both of you. 


Niall: ''Babe, why are you shaking?'' Your legs was shaking, your arms, your hands, your lips, your breath. Everything. ''What's going on here?'' Liam looked up with the cheeky smile on his face. You was hugging Niall arm to feel safe and a bit less nervous. ''Please, can someone explain?'' You looked at Niall, trying to get eye contact with him, but he just looked at Liam. 

You: ''Niall, it's nothing. He's just a... Friend.'' You could see that Niall didn't believed you. Niall looked at you and he gave you the 'Is it true' face. You nodded, but you could see that he still didn't believed you.

Niall: ''Were you two kissing?'' Niall pointed at Liam and Liam smiled.

Liam: ''No.'' You looked at Liam, amazed by he was lying. ''I kissed her.'' And there was the truth. You could see that Niall was chocked. Niall threw you back into the house while walking towards Liam. 

Niall: ''Don't you dare touch my girlfriend!'' He placed his hands on Liams chest and pushed him away.


You could see where this was going. Liam smiled at you and then he punched Niall. Niall took his arm on his back and got him down. ''Don't touch her! Do you understand?!'' You wanted to go out and stop them, but you were too scared. Niall let Liam go and he spoke a bit to him. You couldn't hear them. Suddenly Niall just left Liam and walked towards you. While he was getting closer, you could see his nose bleeding. 


Niall: ''It's okay babe, it's just some blood.'' He kissed your cheek and then walked straight to the bathroom. You looked one last time at Liam and he also looked at you. He quickly turned around and began to walk away. You closed the door and ran to the toilet. Niall was looking at himself in the mirror. 

You: ''It doesn't look good huh? Here, let me help you.''...

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