Praying For Love - One Direction

I can't really say anything about this story. If you like, you like it, if you don't, you don't.


8. Fans

''One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha one way...'' One Way Or Another came on, but it wasn't the original, it was Niall. You've never heard Niall sing this song before, but you turned up the music anyway, enjoying listening to your boyfriends sexy voice. 

After getting everything on, you walked out of the door, down the stairs to see Harry and Louis waiting for you.


Harry: ''Wow, what were you doing up there? Masturbating?'' Louis breaked down laughing, so did Harry. You also started laughing, not because what Harry said, but because you saw Louis' laughing face. ''Wow slow down Gemma, wait. Were you just laughing?'' You stopped smiling at got serious.

You: ''Uhm, yeah, I guess so.'' Louis layed his hand on your shoulder.

Louis: ''I'm proud of you.'' He said being serious. After looking you deep in the eyes being serious for about 3 seconds he started laughing again.


You all three walked out of the door and sat in the car. You drove to the mall, parked your car and got out. Louis and Harry got out as well, racing to the first music store on the street. You smiled a bit and started walking down Oxford street. You needed some new clothes for the spring. You knew that Primark was cheap so you headed to the door, but before you even got to look around, people were surrounded by people asking about you and Niall. ''ARE YOU CHEATING ON HIM?!'', ''WE READ THAT HE WAS IN ENGLAND YESTERDAY, WAS HE WITH YOU?!'', ''GEMMA CAN I PLEASE GET A PICTURE?!'' It was mad. You were alone so you found it quite hard to get through the many people. 

Suddenly you heard a deep man voice.


Man: ''BACK OF GIRLS!'' You've heard the voice before, you were sure. ''Here, let me help you inside.'' A guy took your hand. You couldn't see him. He was wearing a hoodie and his face was in another direction. 


You got inside Primark. Ofcourse people followed you inside, but the Primark security kept them back. The guy finally turned around, and there he was. You've never expected it to be him.


You: ''What the hell? What are you doing ****?!''...

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