Ten Ways To Mend A Broken Heart (1D FANFIC <3)

his lips. ahh those lips. once my lips touched his, i felt the velvety softness they carried. they tasted just like freshly picked strawberries on a hot summer afternoon. oh my god. he kisses so gently yet he moves you perfectly and knows just what to do and when. i couldn't break the kiss. yet we both pulled away at the same time. i wish it was 2 hours in heaven instead of 7 minutes. i needed his kiss. i longed his touch. i wanted to love him. i'm head over heels for him over the past few months i've known him.


4. parties and food

we got to our usual table, already being occupied by niall and zayn.

"hay gurrls hay" said niall in an accent that sounded nothing like his irish accent.

"hi!" all three of us girls screamed.

cass immediately sat down beside niall, starting a chat with him while me and kate sat beside zayn. then louis and liam came along. 

"hi guys!" they said, looking down at their phones. 

"texting your 'loves'?" niall teased.

"mhmm" replied louis.

"hey zayn, why arent you texing perrie?" asked liam, sitting down beside cass too.

"she's performing now." he replied with a smile spread across his face. we all grabbed our lunches and sat and talked. i felt a bit lonely because of the empty space beside me. 

"this pizza is amazing!" exclaimed louis.

"well then be amazed every monday" i said.

"yes!" all of the four boys said.

"ey zayn" asked niall.


"have ya seen harry? i havent seen him since lunch started."

"no i havent..." zayn trailed off.

suddenly, harry emerged from the cafeteria doors. his eyes were scanning the cafeteria, then locked onto mine.

"hey guys" he said as he sat down beside me. "whats for lunch?"

"pizhuasmrph'" said niall with pizza stuffed inside his mouth.

"ok..." harry trailed off. his eyes darted towards me and the boys stared at me

"yes?" i asked, turning toward curly. he immediately looked down at his feet.

"so, you guys coming to Jakes party?" asked Kate as me and cass rolled our eyes.

"no duh" we both said simultaneously.

"yeah, why not?" the boys said. the bell rang.

"see you there" harry whispered towards me standing up then winking at me while walking away.


"holy shit" i muttered. i think im falling for that curly haired flirt. 

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