Ten Ways To Mend A Broken Heart (1D FANFIC <3)

his lips. ahh those lips. once my lips touched his, i felt the velvety softness they carried. they tasted just like freshly picked strawberries on a hot summer afternoon. oh my god. he kisses so gently yet he moves you perfectly and knows just what to do and when. i couldn't break the kiss. yet we both pulled away at the same time. i wish it was 2 hours in heaven instead of 7 minutes. i needed his kiss. i longed his touch. i wanted to love him. i'm head over heels for him over the past few months i've known him.


8. lilacs

Harry's P.O.V.

i paced back and forth as i waited for leslie to come. my grasp on the tiny lilac branch slowly getting harder and harder, my knuckles almost white. then i saw her running towards the hidden bench inside the small forest beside the football field.

"hello, beautiful." i smiled.

"hey, harry" she said,eyes twinkling as she caught her breath.

"why are you in such a rush?" i asked, twirling the lilac branch between my thumb and index behind my back.

"long story short, cass and kate were wondering where i was going." she said, smiling  a bit as we sat down onto the bench, leslie on my right.

"this is for you, a beautiful flower for a beautiful girl." i whispered, showing her the flower, taking her right hand and placing it onto the flowers lightly, keeping the flower lying on my hand.

"i-its-thank you" she said, eyes gleaming.

"no, thank you. thank you for being such a great part of my life so far" i told her, staring into her eyes as she slightly blushed.

"so i wanted to tell you something" she began as she twiddled her thumbs and looked at the ground. i took my two fingers and placed them under her chin, turning her to face me.

"anything" i whispered to her. "anything you want."

"i-well-maybe-i'm just-sorry" she blushed even harder.

"its fine. i have troubles telling people things too."

"well, i kinda like you..."she began as my heart beat faster, a smile growing on my face. "more than a friend, more than just a date to a dance..." she trailed off. i stopped smiling, gazing at her lips, should i? "if you don't feel the same then thats okay." she said, turning aways, beginning to stand up.


no, this was my chance. i grabbed her arm, twirled her around and pulled her closer. her eyes wide open. i leaned forward and did what i had been dreaming of all day, i kissed her, with love. and i felt the lilac branch hit my feet as her hands went around my waist. it was like a dream come true, i had gotten the kiss i always dreamed of. and it was with the most perfect girl in the world. she let out a small moan as i bit my bottom lip. then she pulled away, grabbing the collar of my shirt and pulling me closer.





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