Ten Ways To Mend A Broken Heart (1D FANFIC <3)

his lips. ahh those lips. once my lips touched his, i felt the velvety softness they carried. they tasted just like freshly picked strawberries on a hot summer afternoon. oh my god. he kisses so gently yet he moves you perfectly and knows just what to do and when. i couldn't break the kiss. yet we both pulled away at the same time. i wish it was 2 hours in heaven instead of 7 minutes. i needed his kiss. i longed his touch. i wanted to love him. i'm head over heels for him over the past few months i've known him.


5. drunken minds and kissing away

the party started at 8 and it was 7:30. geez who thought that i would take so long just to choose a dress to wear. i finally made my mind up and wore a short, tight black dress and black pumps. nothing else. i just left my hair the way it was, high ponie. 

"hi!" exclaimed Cass and Kate simultaneously.

"to the party!" i yelled. 

"can't wait to get there!" said Kate excitedly.

"wanna have some fun with Jake tonight?" i asked mischievously.

"maybe..." she trailed off, blushing a bright shade of red.

"mhmm" Cass sassed, me and that redhead knew something would happen with Kate and Jake. we got to Jakes house. it reaked. but the smell was familiar...alcohol.

"hey there!" exclaimed Niall, motioning for me and the girls to come over.

"hey ni" i said, pulling him in for a hug. 

"hey beautiful" he flirted with Cass as she giggled.



as kate and niall greeted, i went upstairs only to hear two voices.

"mate... ask her" said one voice.

"she'll reject me" answered another deep raspy one.

"do it. she'll say yes. i promise you"

"fine" sighed raspy voice.

i hid and went to the bathroom. while i was in there, i heard two pairs of footsteps walk down the stairs. i carefully closed the door to the loo and creeped down the stairs. i heard laughter. it suddenly stopped when i came into the room where it came from and all eyes darted towards me.

"my god..." said a voice

"shes hot" said another.

"no, beautiful" whispered the raspy voice from earlier. "shit... i said it outloud"

niall began laughing his head off.

i walked over to cass and kate and we started chatting. soon, they both knew i had a thing for harry and promised not to tell anyone. they better not.


after a beer or two, i was afffected by achohol and completely wasted.

"time for seven minutes in heaven!" screamed Jake. we all crowded around in a circle and waited for the fun to begin. 

"who first?" i ask.

"me...and..." began Jake.

"me?" asked Kate/

"you betcha" he said, dragging her into the closet beside us. after less than a  minute we could hear moans and kissing all the way across the room. seven minutes later, kate emerged all sweaty and jake came out shirtless.

"i knew it" whispered cass into my ear. 

"i know...right?" i whispered back.

"now...harry and..." began niall as louis whispered smething into nialls ear. then they both had a smirk and liam and zayn soon picked up the message and smiled devilishly.

"leslie" my heart stopped beating the second ,my name was mentioned. some people hooted as i was pushed into a closet with harry. damn he was hot. what are we going to to there?


"hey" he said.

"hi" i muttered.

"wanna drink?" harry asked, handing over a coke.

"thanks" i smiled.

"hey, you're the girl who i took my shirt off for" he smirked.

"yeah." i said, taking in some bubbly coke. "we met today at lunch, no?" i ask.

"oh yeah." he blushed, dimples showing. damn those dimples. and dont get me started in those sexy lips. "wanna chat?" he asked.

"sure" i said

"one minute up! havent heard anything yet!" someone shouted.

harry inched closer.

"you know, you seem really nice." he said.

"so do you, curly"

"hey!" he playfully shoved me. when his hand touched mine, i felt sparks. whoa. "kiss me" he stated. "fine don't" he said, reaching for the doorknob. this was my chance to do what i wanted. "i'll just-" i cut him off with crashing my lips onto his. damn they were soft. i grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him towards me. he didn't refuse. i could feel a smile forming on his face. things got heated and before i knew it, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in closer. 

"okay guys time up" someone said, opening the door, realizing we were busy. harry lifted one hand off my waist and pushed the door closed. i moved him towards the wall and broke apart the kiss.

"that was amazing.|" i exclaimed, out of breath.

he smirked. "of course, i was kissing an angel" i blushed we exited the closet and everyone was cooing everywhere.

"things got heated for harry and leslie now didn't they?" asked zayn.

all me and harry did was stare at eachother and smile.

damn he was a good kisser.

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