Ten Ways To Mend A Broken Heart (1D FANFIC <3)

his lips. ahh those lips. once my lips touched his, i felt the velvety softness they carried. they tasted just like freshly picked strawberries on a hot summer afternoon. oh my god. he kisses so gently yet he moves you perfectly and knows just what to do and when. i couldn't break the kiss. yet we both pulled away at the same time. i wish it was 2 hours in heaven instead of 7 minutes. i needed his kiss. i longed his touch. i wanted to love him. i'm head over heels for him over the past few months i've known him.


1. Countdowns and Tagedies

Leslie's P.O.V

i woke up to the heavenly warm blankets pulled off of my cold body. i shivered as goosebumps jumped up onto my skin.i grouchily got up from the mattress and left my room. i turned the rusty knob on the wooden door and burst into the room. the tap was left on by one of my many younger siblings who annoyed the fucking hell out of me. i splashed the icy water onto my pale face and went to get dressed. i had limited clothing, since i live in a huge family, and we all have to get things. i suddenly woke up when the minty toothpaste buzzed my tongue. i brushed the thing i call my hair, when it looks like a tangled shitty mess and tied it in a top-knot. i pulled on a baseball tee and some jean shorts along with purple keds.


i loudly ran down the rickety old stairs and grabbed some eggs out of the fridge. i slammed the door as i got the only frying pan out of its place and put some oil in it as i heated the frying pan on the stove. as it heated up, i grabbed the cold red marker from the counter and walked up to the old cat calendar  i let out a laugh. it was september and the ugly cat was tortured into dressing as a stupid teacher. i crossed off todays date, counting down to next month. in a month exactly, i'll be at a one direction concert, front row with my best friends, Cass and Kate. i broke both egg shells and fried a sunny-side-up. i scarfed it down and picked up the orange juice i poured earlier and took a sip. the ice cold juice froze my gums, and it was pleasure to me.

"hey Leslie! look at what Jimmy has!" screames Julia as she ran into the room, making me almost spit my juice back in.

"what?" i harshly ask my seven year old sister.

"that" she says, pointing to my ten year old brother's (who was fully naked) penis.

"ugh. not again! Julia. you've shown me Mike, Kevin, Josè and now Jimmy's things! do you not understand that ALL boys have them, or do i need to show you Rob's thingy to prove it to you?" i burst.

"no..." she said, looking at the ground.


Rob was my eighth step dad. my mom had one child with each step dad the family's ever had. she had me with my father, who my mother divorced because she lost interest in him at 18. (married him at 16.) i was born three months before they divorced. i never really got to see him. he was always at work. then, my mom married Joe. the father of Brooke. i was 4. after, she married Jake. she had Mike. i was 6. she married Christopher, Robin, and Harold. not at the same time. and she had Kevin, Josè, and Jimmy. i was 6 1/2, 7, 7 1/2. after, mom married, Joey. she had Carmella, and i was 8 1/2. then mom married Justin and had Julia a year later. i was 10. my mom divorced when i was 15 and married Rob when i was 16. see? i have a big family. and i'm the oldest. 17 year old Leslie. my eyes are violet, unusual. just perfect, the way i look is all rare. i am abdnormal weight. i look skinny but weigh a lot. i'm 20 pounds over, and i have long brown hair. i dyed 1/2 of it, in chunks, purple. it matches my eyes.  i have a cartoonish pointy nose and evenly tanned skin.


i pick up my heavy bag and grab my keys. i head out into the blazing hot weather and head for school. as i walk, i remember the tragic day my childhood friend passed. i didnt want to remember but i did. her name was Jullianne and she was the prettiest girl i've ever seen. she had everything. nicce skin,  perfect blond hair, and a perfect, well... everything. about a year ago, she was walking to school with me, and it was a windy day. she had brought her report card to school and for some reason, was holding it. her grip was good, and it didnt blow away till we passed some mean girls in our grade, snickering behind our backs. we werent at school yet. there were 10 minutes of walking left. we were talking about how hot Taylor Lautner is when Alexa, the school's mean/popular girl, (A.K.A. the bleached blonde bitch queen) pushed Jullianne, and her papers flew onto the road. she checked for cars and ran towards the papers she picked them up and put the in her bag. she crossed the street safely and then put her bag on. i gave her a slight hug. then, Alexa, pushed Jullianne, or Juli as i called her, back onto the road and she had a broken  leg, abd she fell, so she couldn't get up. i ran towards her, but right before i got to her, a truck ran over her and killed her by the second. in less than a minute, she was gone. there was nothing i could do but call her parents, my parents, the paramedics, the police, and our friends Cass and Kate for help. i waited for everyone, and hugged Juli's cold, dead, bloody body. i wore a white sweatshort that day, and i dint care that i stained it with my best friends blood.

"why?" i said in a strict tone, shooting a glare at Alexa, who pretended nothing was her fault.

"why would you fucking do this?! do you even see what the hell happened?!" i screamed. a tear rolled down my cheek.

"you fucking killed her! you bitch! go the fuck away and dont EVER come back again you little fuck!" i screamed. then, everyone came.

"no..." i said. the tears stained my eyes with mascara as i was focibly pulled away from her.

"let me go!" i scream "LET ME GO!!!!!"

"miss, we need you to go onto the side of the road." said one of the officers. i looked at their faces. all of them.  i stood on the pavement, covered in warm blood.

"she's gone. and its all one persons fault..." i said.

"who?" asked Julliannes mom.

"Alexa..." i firmly said. "Alexa Durringham. she pushed Jullianne onto the road, and SHE KNEW she had a broken leg. and i ran over to help Jullianne up, but i was too late. the car hit her and then... she was gone. and the worst part is that she's gone. and she's gone because that little bitch bullies everyone." the funeral was the next day.  i made sure it was special for her. i cleaned her, i dressed her in her prom dress that she was going to wear, and did her favorite hairstyle. i did everything i could to show her i love her and i care for her.


i shudder at the memory. i walk past the exact spot it happened, and remember that she's in a better place now. i carefully unwrap the package of gummies i took from home and chew silently. i pass Alexa and her friends, snickering as i pass.

"Fuck off!" i say as i point my middle finger at them.

"somebody's cranky today..." said Alexa in her snotty and bitchy tone.

"you know why... you murdurer." i walk away. i hope everything gets better.

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