Ten Ways To Mend A Broken Heart (1D FANFIC <3)

his lips. ahh those lips. once my lips touched his, i felt the velvety softness they carried. they tasted just like freshly picked strawberries on a hot summer afternoon. oh my god. he kisses so gently yet he moves you perfectly and knows just what to do and when. i couldn't break the kiss. yet we both pulled away at the same time. i wish it was 2 hours in heaven instead of 7 minutes. i needed his kiss. i longed his touch. i wanted to love him. i'm head over heels for him over the past few months i've known him.


3. another unordinary day

on monday morning nothing changed. except julia didnt show a weenie and i actually wore a bit more girly clothes. the only thing that changes was that i wore my hair up in a high ponytal. ( http://www.polyvore.com/what_leslie_wore_to_school/set?id=82634783 )

"mornin!" said Cass as soon as i got to school.

"this is going to be the best day ever!!!!!!" i screamed. 

as we walked to class, everyone stared at us.

"shit" i muttered. we took our seats and opened our books.

"class," began our teacher. "we will be having 5 students join our class. now, they may be international superstars, but they want you to treat them as if they are just like you. please welcome Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson"

"hello!" the boys said. 

"please take your seats, boys" said our teacher. the empty seat beside me was soon occupuied by Niall, who was drooling over Cass the entire claass. 

"hey, im leslie" i said, reaching out to shake Niall's hand.

"oh hey i remember you! you were at our last concert, no?" he asked.

"yeah. i played quicckfire with you"

"well would you, and your friends like to join us for lunch.?" he asked. i glanced over at the girls and mouthed what he had just asked. they nodded yes in no time at all. 

"hell yeah!" i almost screamed.

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