Wide Awake

Claire Simons is just your average Directioner until she wins a compitition for backstage passes for her and as many friends as she wants at a One Direction concert, but will her, Lisa, Abbie and Bryony just be like any other fans to 1D? And will the girls be able to cope with the boys' busy schedules?


1. It All Comes Down to This



         Claire's P.O.V:                                                                                                                                      "I know this one. I know I do! I just need some time." I said, studying the question."We don't have any freaking time Claire! The comp' ends tomorrow!" said Lisa, clearly frustrated. Lisa had been my bestfriend for as long as I can remember but she can still be incredibly stubborn at times! "Okay, okay! Let's go over this one more time. What was first song One Direction sang as a group?" I  stared at the laptop screen, making my eyes water. It all came down to this one question. After all, I was pretty sure I had answered all the other questions right."Okay Claire, lets just focus on the prize for a minute. Backstage passes to meet The One Direction! You do understand how important it is that we win this. Don't you?" said Lisa, looking me right in the eyes. "Yes! Of course I do! I love One Direction just as much as you! In fact we both probably love them as much as Niall loves food! And thats alot!" This made us both giggle but we still couldn't get that question off our minds. Me, Lisa and our friends Abbie and Bryony had been Directioners for a long time and we were so desperate to get those backstage passes! We just had to get them!


    Lisa's P.O.V:

 I so freaking wanted those passes! We had to see our boys just once in our lives! It was so frustrating! We would of had this done by now if it weren't for this question! I pictured me, Claire, Abbie and Bryony meeting the boys. They would give us all welcome hugs and a kiss on the cheek and we would all sit down and chat and maybe they would even give us tickets to their next concert or even - "Lisa! Snap out of it!" I miserably came back to reality."What happened there? You just went all weird for like 2 minutes!" said Claire. "Oh wait, let me guess! You fell into fantasy world again, right?" she asked. "Yep." I answered. Once again, I had drifted into Lisa Land!


 Claire's P.O.V:

I couldn't blame Lisa for going into one of her "moments". I think I would of to if I wasn't so desperate to get those passes. I would be so torn apart if we didn't get the question right! And that's when I got it. "LISA!" I yelled,"I KNOW THE ANSWER!"






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