Still the one

Louis and Saphire, or Saffy, dated once. That was before he left her to go on the x factor. Now, he's in a very famous boyband that every girl dreams about.

Saffy doesn't want to see him again seeing as he left her without even saying goodbye but the problem is, she still loves him... and he still loves her.

Louis returns to Doncaster to try and win her back. But one of the other boys falls for her as well

Who will she chose? Or does she decide she doesn't want a life of fame and leave them both...


1. Still the one



"But, I-i-i-i know you're still the one!" I sang as I made myself some pancakes. Normally Harry would for me but he's a bit hungover so I decided to give him some space.


I was the one who had wrote that song. It was about Saf- NO! I thought angrily to myself. I'm with Eleanor. I can't keep thinking about Saffy I mean I haven't even seen her for two years. She wouldn't want to see me anyway. When I'd left after X Factor, I hadn't even said goodbye. I'll always hate myself for that. But anyway, she's probably forgotten about me by now.


But I just couldn't stop thinking about her, her perfect dark ginger wavy hair that fell just past her shoulders. She hated it but I'd though it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Her dark blue eyes that enchanted me whenever I looked into them. The cute freckles on her nose. Her plump, rosy coloured lips. The way she blushed at every nice comment to her. The way she hated her figure because she'd been called fat YEARS ago! The fact that she hated her blond eyelashes. The way she thought she always messed everything up. How she fell over... A LOT! But she was the most perfect creature I'd ever come across. When we first met in year 7, she liked me but I didn't like her like that. Then during high school I loved her but she saw me more as a brother I think so I never told her. Then I went and messed everything up.


STOP IT LOUIS! God, she wouldn't even remember me. How can I love someone who I haven't seen for like 2 years? But I don't... I love Eleanor... right?


I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't notice my pancake was burning. I sighed and began a new one. Then Kiss You started playing. Eleanor was calling me. Right, time to put Saffy out of my mind.



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