Still the one

Louis and Saphire, or Saffy, dated once. That was before he left her to go on the x factor. Now, he's in a very famous boyband that every girl dreams about.

Saffy doesn't want to see him again seeing as he left her without even saying goodbye but the problem is, she still loves him... and he still loves her.

Louis returns to Doncaster to try and win her back. But one of the other boys falls for her as well

Who will she chose? Or does she decide she doesn't want a life of fame and leave them both...


2. Change



Ever since Lou left, I'd become a different person.


I dyed my ginger hair dark red. I'd always wanted to, but Lou said he didn't want me to. Well Lou's gone. I also stopped eating completely... for a while. But that was a stupid faze. I'm now kinda skinny but my boobs are still there luckily! I'd sort of lost my confidence and hadn't had a boyfriend for ages. So I'd moved house and career choice, especially after the bullying started. I was doing modelling and although I guess I was quite popular now, I had no real friends. Even the people I hang out with thought I was a bit of a slut. But that was the only reason I'd ever got a boyfriend, my 'sluttines'.


I pulled on some matching bra and pants, black lace. Over that I put on some nude tights, short black shorts and a batman tank top. I straightened my hair, another thing I'd changed since Lou left, I never had it curly any more. Then I put on my makeup, covering every trace of those horrible freckles on my nose with some foundation. I pulled out my black heels with the yellow spikes. Ready to go. I grabbed my bag and sighed. After all these years I still missed Lou. Even after he left without a single word to me. I pushed him out of my mind and began to make my way to the modelling agency.




I'd just got back from meeting up with Eleanor and I feel terrible. The whole way through I'd been thinking about Saffy. I wonder how she was doing? Does she still want to be a lawyer? She would be a good one. God! I'm doing it again. Maybe I should break up with El if I keep thinking like this. I'll talk to Liam about it, he always gives good advice!

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