I have Arachnophobia... What is your fear?


5. Chapter 5

I ran all the way home. I considered not even once to call my mom. I was still a good runner, but for some reason I was suddenly very tired. It felt as if I had 10 pounds on each leg. I started seeing shadows around me. I do not know if they were real or just a part of my imagination. But I was scared. I could see my house I was almost there. I tore the door open and slammed it behind me. I took a deep breath and then I froze. I could not see anything. There were cobwebs everywhere. Mom! It ran me shivers down my spine. An enormous chrysalis hung in the attic. “Oh my God!” I should never have said that. The monsters heard me and they were all coming towards me. They came from everywhere. I tried to open the door, but it was mysteriously locked. I was in shock. I would run. I would hide, but I was unable to move and unable to think. And then it was too late. My worst nightmare came true.

Darkness, silence... I could not move. Then I realized that I was in some kind of chrysalis. I screamed - a desperate cry for help...

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