I have Arachnophobia... What is your fear?


4. Chapter 4

The next morning I did not go to school.  When I had cleaned up my room I went to the psychologist. She seemed nice and was very extrovert. I told her a little about myself. She stared intensively at me. I looked out of the window. There was a spider in the process of cocooning a fly... It gave me the shivers. The psychologist started asking questions. It sounded often as if she already knew the answers to some of them. She was actually a little creepy. “Do you have nightmares?” She asked. “No”, I answered. I don’t know why I lied. Her bag lay on the floor beside her. “Have you seen anything unusual?” She asked again. “No.” I saw something move in her bag. Then she said: “Terrible things can happen if you keep unpleasant experiences inside and don’t tell anyone.” I did not believe her. I did not even care. “Are you sure that there is not something you want to tell me?” I looked at the bag and a spider came out. I jumped of the chair. “YES! Nothing is wrong. Can I go now?” I said. She looked suspiciously at me. “Do as you please”, she said and smiled. She looked even creepier when she did that.

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