I have Arachnophobia... What is your fear?


3. Chapter 3

When I came home I went to the bath room to blow my nose. I checked the corners as usually and found two crane flies. I went upstairs instead. My mother came in. “Hi”. “Hey”, I said and flushed out the toilet. “Uh...” She started. “I have booked an appointment for you to the psychologist tomorrow”, she said. “What have you done?! I don’t want to”, I said determined. “You have to,” she said. “No, Mom! I do not want to look at the black paintings, which all resemble butterflies and black splotches.” “You have no choice!” She said and left.
I brushed my teeth and went to bed.

Darkness, silence... I feel something on my back. I ran. But the creature was still sitting on my back and twisted its legs round on my throat in a tighter and tighter grip. I grabbed the legs and tried to tear it off. There was a crunching sound. I screamed when I realized that I had ripped the legs off the spider. I could hear a booming sound. I turned around and saw a bunch of spiders coming closer. They would attack me. I started beating them with spider's legs. I hear things crashing.
"Stop honey!
Stop! Wake up!" Someone yelled at me. I could not move my arms. My mother held on to me. I saw confused at her. I had my desk lamp in my hand. I looked around my room. It looked terrible. Many of my things were destroyed. I covered my face in my hands and fall asleep at my mother's lap.

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