I have Arachnophobia... What is your fear?


2. Chapter 2

The day went “well”. I sat together with my friends in the break. Usually I took part in the conversations with the others, but I could not get into it. I did not understand what they were talking about. I could not concentrate. My mind was so busy trying to understand the words which came out of their mouths, and I got a shock as my mind was interrupted. A huge black spider was dangling right in front of my face. I screamed and leaned back. And do you know what happened next? I fell. The chair I sat on tipped over and so did I. A boy from one of the other classes was holding the black plastic spider in his hand while he was laughing and pointing at me. Almost the entire school was staring at me. I got up and bumped intentionally into the boy on my way out. “Back off!” I yelled and ran into the toilet.
I stood in front of the mirror. I held on to the sink and leaned over it. A tear trickled down. I raised my head and looked at myself in the mirror. What was wrong with me? I looked deep into my eyes. There was something which crawled on my shoulder. I turned my head and looked. A spider! I flipped out and tried to flick it off. It would not let go of my shoulder. I began to panic. I had to use both hands to pull it off. The spider hit the floor with a bump. I rushed out and shut the door behind me. It was not a normal spider. It was much bigger and much more aggressive... I pulled my shirt down and saw the eight deep scratches I had in my skin. I ran home with my eyes full of tears.

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