escape (not going to get finished)

The government has been controlling the area I lived in for nearly a year now. Soldiers are patrolling the streets day and night. They kill who ever trys the leave the country. My parents were killed for trying to get me on a plane to another country. I made it on the plane and flew to the UK. There I got a job at a café in London. I always walked home at night, but one night I was kidnapped by one direction. I wanted nothing to do with them. But will I fall madly in love with them? find out


2. taken

zayn's pov

I saw her standing there in the airport. she looked scared and lost. there was a crowd of people, but I kept my eye on her. the she walked off. "C'mon." I said motioning for the boys to follow me. we walked out of the airport and followed her. the streets were pretty dark, so we could follow behind her without being caught too easily. she still looked as if she didn't know where she was going. she kept looking at the signs. my footsteps were echoing loudly. she quickly turned around. me and the boys hid in the alleyway that was nearby. she continued walking. she stopped and turned to a house. a woman greeted her, I could only make out some of the conversation, but I think that the woman is her aunt. I have to meet her, I need to have her.

*two weeks later* Anna's pov

I got a job in a mall. I worked in the clothes and shoes department. It had been a very hard day for me. I had to help some customers who were looking for some shoes that were practically impossible to find. well, at least my shift was over. I ran as fast as I could to my bike. I furiously tugged at the chain that was around the bike. I hopped on and rode off. there was a figure running beside me. he held onto the handlebars of my bike. I was paying attention to what was ahead. I slammed my bike into the curb, and the blacked out.

Niall's pov

zayn came back into the car with her. she was unconscious, and had a big bruise on her forehead. she was adorable with her dirty blonde hair, it fell perfectly over her eyes. we drove off to our house in London. she lay on top of me, zayn and harry. liam was driving, and Louis was in the seat beside him. when we arrived at the house, zayn picked her up, harry opened the door, but when the cold air hit her face, she started waking up. we brought her in the house and laid her on the couch. "where am I? who are you? and why am I here?" she asked all of these questions at once. harry replied "your at our house." zayn continued, "guys she dosent know who we are !" the boys chuckled "we're one direction." said liam. "and well you're here because zay-" I said but was interrupted by zayn, who rushed up to me and covered my mouth. "that's for us to know and you to find out." said zayn. "whats your name love?" asked Louis. "well why" she asked. "lets juts say this is your new home!" harry said, "well you're not going to keep me here forever, I will find a way out. and by the way my name is Anna." she replied with a cross face. "say that now, Anna and we'll have someone watch you." said harry. "this is going to be a long night!" Anna said. the boys chuckled. "well at least tell me you have a place for me to sleep alone" said Anna with hope in he voive. "you'll have a bed of your own just in each of the boys rooms" I said. "tonight you'll be sleeping with me!" said Louis. "great just what I need! I don't want to be here! I don't want ANYTHING to do with you!!" screamed Anna. "boys she's gonna be a tough one to handle." harry said sarcastically.m

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