escape (not going to get finished)

The government has been controlling the area I lived in for nearly a year now. Soldiers are patrolling the streets day and night. They kill who ever trys the leave the country. My parents were killed for trying to get me on a plane to another country. I made it on the plane and flew to the UK. There I got a job at a café in London. I always walked home at night, but one night I was kidnapped by one direction. I wanted nothing to do with them. But will I fall madly in love with them? find out


3. escape

Anna's pov

in the past hour I have been kidnapped by none other than one direction. I know that any girl would like to be in my position, but I just don't want anything to do with them. I was still adjusting to the UK. I liked my job, I was just getting used to my parents not being with me. I'm only 17, and love to run. my thoughts were interrupted by Louis who said "you will be sleeping in my bedroom love." we went into a room, it was huge! there was a queen size bed, then a twin mattress in the corner. "what am I supposed to be sleeping in?" I asked. "here." and Louis threw me  t-shirt and some shorts. I walked into the bathroom. I took my time, trying to figure a way out this house, I seen a window, but I was on the second floor of the house. I seen a vent that looked like I could fit in it. I opened the vent

sorry cant be botherd to finish this story  

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