Abused hated geordie

Molly is a Geordie raised by a certain vampire family however her parents abuse her and she runs away only to be adopted by a certain X factor winning girl band but then one day she goes missing and her adoptive family believe she is on drugs but she is actually a witch she goes to an English boarding school and tries to hide her past but her friends are determined to win her over she is a talented girl with a passion for Irish dancing and singing with her guitar but will she ever show her talents rated yellow for abuse and attempted suicide


2. What

Oy get your lazy ass down here now dad shouted my dad is a vampire he is called Edward. Lovely isn't he Obama actually 6 weeks old but I am a vampire and human hybrid so I look about 10 years old( soz I know I am leaving out punctuation but I am just gonna go with it for quickness) if you don't get your ass down here now you will get something bad very bad dad screeched I couldn't hear him I was to busy cleaning the blood up from the bed. Right that's it dad said he picked up the phone and said the alley I was scared I am not gonna say what has happend to me but my back is covered in words like bitch slag worthless useless  there are one hundred and sixty one words on my back scratched on by a knife by my dad and mam who is called Bella  he dashed up the stair in a Millie second and picked me up he threw me In his and bells room and beat me the tears seeped out from my eyes and then after an hour or two of this he ran out and said I should listen from now on I grabbed my music and my dancing trophies an costumes and ran 1000 miles into the forest then everything went black

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