Abused hated geordie

Molly is a Geordie raised by a certain vampire family however her parents abuse her and she runs away only to be adopted by a certain X factor winning girl band but then one day she goes missing and her adoptive family believe she is on drugs but she is actually a witch she goes to an English boarding school and tries to hide her past but her friends are determined to win her over she is a talented girl with a passion for Irish dancing and singing with her guitar but will she ever show her talents rated yellow for abuse and attempted suicide


5. We will get it out of you

I was Lying  in the bedroom where my dad had beat me the door was locked so I jumped out the window to see my parents hurting Jacob renesmee and cat then I saw the kids that found me lying dead on the floor and the volturi and my parents had those deep red eyes 

i woke up with my heart pounding I whimpered the teens were there in a second are you okay are you in pain what happened I pressed my lips together and shook my head joy pulled me up  into a sitting  position she put her arm round my waistand stroked    My hair I was sitting  on a couch in a place that looked like it belonged in a museum I went to brush my fringe out of my eyes when a sharp pain made me cry out so Alfie said your awake I nodded clearly when we were in the woods we saw you had tried to commit suicide oh I whispered soooo it didn't kill me it's kinda obvious that you have been in a bad background what happened nothing I whispered its a bit obvious though that... I said its nothing I shouted and ran out of the house  and scrambled up a tree but before I went I heard someone say we will get it out of her 

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