Abused hated geordie

Molly is a Geordie raised by a certain vampire family however her parents abuse her and she runs away only to be adopted by a certain X factor winning girl band but then one day she goes missing and her adoptive family believe she is on drugs but she is actually a witch she goes to an English boarding school and tries to hide her past but her friends are determined to win her over she is a talented girl with a passion for Irish dancing and singing with her guitar but will she ever show her talents rated yellow for abuse and attempted suicide


9. The words that will be there forever

Molly's pov

U ok Joy whispered to the small ball of clothes tears and blood waited for the first aid kit kits just gone out to the police station she had a good view of the whole thing mara appeared at the door with a first aid kit err your gonna have to change so we can get those cuts sorted no problem I whispered and went to my wardrobe I pulled out my dancing costume I use for training ( a small black tight vest and black leggings) mara and the rest of the girls politely turned around as I wriggled out of my bloodstained  Pjs  and put on the clothes that looked a little less like I had just been cut open ready I whispered ok so mara and I are gonna try and stop all the blood and bruises turning worse on your face know kt is back amber and kt can do your arms and neck said joy Patricia is just gonna sit there and just live up to her nickname yacker said amber giggling the cleaning went on for about fifteen minutes and was still not done when Patricia gasped look at your back what happened nothing I said jumping onto my back lying down on the bed Molly if you don't show us we will just have to pin you down said joy kt got her arms loosely around my neck and head amber sat on my legs Patricia and mara grabbed an arm each and joy pulled my shirt up to reveal the words that just got a new member less than an hour ago 

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