Abused hated geordie

Molly is a Geordie raised by a certain vampire family however her parents abuse her and she runs away only to be adopted by a certain X factor winning girl band but then one day she goes missing and her adoptive family believe she is on drugs but she is actually a witch she goes to an English boarding school and tries to hide her past but her friends are determined to win her over she is a talented girl with a passion for Irish dancing and singing with her guitar but will she ever show her talents rated yellow for abuse and attempted suicide


6. Questions

Who are you 

where are you from

are you okay 

when will you tell us 

what did you do to yourself 

why did we find you in the woods 

can you tell us about your wrist

how old are you

did you want to die

do you want to talk about anything 

I didn't say anything I just pressed my lips together and let my tears help them guess

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