Abused hated geordie

Molly is a Geordie raised by a certain vampire family however her parents abuse her and she runs away only to be adopted by a certain X factor winning girl band but then one day she goes missing and her adoptive family believe she is on drugs but she is actually a witch she goes to an English boarding school and tries to hide her past but her friends are determined to win her over she is a talented girl with a passion for Irish dancing and singing with her guitar but will she ever show her talents rated yellow for abuse and attempted suicide


7. Danger

Kt pov

Thud thud thud what is Molly doing joy said I think we should leave her a scream shook the house I dashed up the stairs behind Eddie then everyone followed her door was locked right quiet Patricia. Whispered Molly has been teaching me and Jerome how to fight so Jerome will you Jerome tiptoed back and then dashed forward and kicked the door open Molly was curled up in a corner with a man holding a knife and just finishing a word on her back "unwanted" the person holding her down was nina we all jumped into action Eddie Fabian Jerome and Alfie grabbed the guy and pushed him against the wall Patricia and joy floored nina while I picked Molly up and put her next to me and put my arm around her she buried her head in my shoulder amber called the police and mara ran to get the first aid kit the police soon arrived and forced them out of the room but the man ran back in and grabbed Molly round the neck she didn't try and pull him if she just wept then he was finally pulled away who was hat man amber asked he is er he is my dad she said and then broke down in afresh flood of tears

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