Just One Guy

She meets harry when he crashes her car 6-months later they are dating but just to find out that harrys so called freinds (niall &Liam) fall in love with her and start to take action. the loan wolf zayn likes her as well but chooses to respect harry and just check her out from a far .since this is so frustrating for her she can talk to louis about everything since he is the sensitive one.



4. What Just Happend

Where am I.........

"Harry !!!!?!?!?!?"

" whaaaat......"

he said in a groaning voice while rising from a space beside me on the bed

"were am I , oh my god i'm gonna be late for work!!!!"

" we are at my apartment."

" do you want me to give you a ride to work."

"no, ill call in sick ..."

" so you slept in my house last night.."

"yea, sorry about that i'll leave if you want me to?"

" No please stay i would love to get to know you better today..."

"um sure but did we ...you know last night????

" no, i would never take advantage of a beautiful girl like you.."

"wow ,if you keep saying all the right things i juust might have to marry you..."

"that can be arranged"

we both chuckeled and *KISSED*

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