Just One Guy

She meets harry when he crashes her car 6-months later they are dating but just to find out that harrys so called freinds (niall &Liam) fall in love with her and start to take action. the loan wolf zayn likes her as well but chooses to respect harry and just check her out from a far .since this is so frustrating for her she can talk to louis about everything since he is the sensitive one.



5. The Perfect day

He got up made the most AMAZING breakfast i had ever had but sadly i only got to eat a little since i didnt want to look FAT.....

he made

*scrambled eggs


*pancakes and syrup

*orange juice

" thanks harry i am stuffed "

" Alright babe ill put the rest away be right back."



" O i sorry i wont call y-you that"

"You can call me that it just sort of caught me off guard ......BABE hahahah"

he put the rest away and came back and said,

" hey are you up to going to the beach today "

" um mm HELL YES "

we went to the beach had a perfect day got some ice cream had lunch and dinner and then i slept over ......




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