Just One Guy

She meets harry when he crashes her car 6-months later they are dating but just to find out that harrys so called freinds (niall &Liam) fall in love with her and start to take action. the loan wolf zayn likes her as well but chooses to respect harry and just check her out from a far .since this is so frustrating for her she can talk to louis about everything since he is the sensitive one.



3. The Date

I get in his car and he says , " hello beautiful ". I blush and respond " well you don't look so bad yourself "......

" thank you "

 " So wear are  you taking me tonight " 

" um an Italian restaurant in Maine. Is that to your like-ing"

" It is more than to my like-ing" ,it is very impressive for a first date. "

" First date huh so you think will have more?????"

" Hopefully ,but don't get your hopes up....." i said while waiting for him to respond with a cute and flirtatious response and then he said what any cute stupid boy would say....

"O well thank god i haven't gotten my hopes up. I'm just kidding" He said while  holding my hand and looking deep into my eyes for 2.7 seconds...

 " WOW ....."

 " huh.... what???/

 " I .......I just noticed ya..your eyes are so beautiful and romantically possessive ."

 " you are very cute when you stud-er "

 " thank you i...i try "

  " you did that on purpose didn't you  ???"

 "yea but it was still cute wasn't it??? "

" ha ha ha ha ha very "..... " I might just kiss you"

 "why don't you "..........

 as i paused for 5 seconds i thought about it.. and i found my self leaning in and the last thing i know my lips were touching his soft silky lips.....


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