Just One Guy

She meets harry when he crashes her car 6-months later they are dating but just to find out that harrys so called freinds (niall &Liam) fall in love with her and start to take action. the loan wolf zayn likes her as well but chooses to respect harry and just check her out from a far .since this is so frustrating for her she can talk to louis about everything since he is the sensitive one.



1. How It All Started

As i sit on my couch i get a sudden craving for Starbucks coffee. I get dressed and head for the door as i remembered i almost forgot my keys. I get in the  car and enter my one direction take me home album into the radio. I blast the music and as i drive the cars that pass by me stare intensively into my car. As always carefree me i don't care i just keep singing.

As i am caught up in the music i feel a BANG!!!! I was in a car accident . i got out of my car and yelled ......." are you serious this is a brand new car you inconsiderate idiot". He gets out of is car just staring at what happened while saying "i...i am  so so sorry i swear i'll pay for all the damages. God damn right you will .

Although i was mad i couldn't help but notice that he was so hot and just my type. But i had to focus because i was mad. umm again i am so sorry do you want to see my license or something . sure whatever. OK here , as he handed me his license his hand was trembling. Dude just calm down.

As i look at his picture i cant help but notice that he so cute. I was trying to me sexy yet serious with him. so i see you are an organ donor correct. yup that's what it says he said all confused. So that means your not selfish my type of guy i whispered to myself. what .....what was that....ummm ...umm i said cool??!..?! ok. as i was browsing his license i came across his name and my whole world came tumbling down. i said to my self  breath you can do this.

He said are you okay ..umm yeah i just noticed  that you are harry styles from one direction. O yeah. you a fan..of course ..listen  i have a deal for you if you give me a ride home and take me on a date tonight you dont have to pay for the damages. sure hope in. where do you live 72 hardway rd. k i think i know where that is good..8 mins later.. thnx for driving me home ..no problem umm i am going to need your name and nummer ok her you go.ANGELA 857-233-7456 ok pick u up at 8;30 k bye .muahh

Harry???? yes Angela did you just kiss me . umm yea sorry i just get caught up in the moment. i know what you mean but make sure that never happens again. okay???? yea sorry see you later .bye

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